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East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Within 40 mile radius
Mayla’s Avatar
Mayla Jun 18 258 views

Is it too late for me to start an internship as a rising senior?

Will colleges find an internship during my senior year appealing? Should I avoid an internship and stick to maintaining good grades and my sports performance?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jun 13 301 views

How do you find clients as a freelance photographer?

How do you find clients as a freelance photographer? How do you find new clients and keep old ones. I’m struggling to stretch beyond the circle of people I know.

Namal’s Avatar
Namal May 23 772 views

What are the best internship offers for Econ majors?

What are the best internships or volunteering for Econ majors for upcoming sophomore in college in nyc? Because I can’t find any. It’s mostly for juniors or seniors.

Isyss’s Avatar
Isyss May 05 228 views

Do you have any advice on being a hair stylist?

I want to learn more about being a hair stylist because I love to do hair.
research hairstylists.

Kristian’s Avatar
Kristian Apr 24 445 views

How can this website be able to help me decide what my career in the future is?

With having career, I fear that I might need some assistance with seeking different opportunities with the career that I want to pursue.

Anwita’s Avatar
Anwita Apr 24 217 views

How do I get an internship in the medical/biology/biochemistry field ?

Hi! I am a junior in high school and want to get an internship over the summer in either the medical, the biology, or biochemistry field. I am totally fine without a pay, I just want the experience. I wanted to shadow a doctor but most hospitals only let college students do that. What can I do...

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Apr 24 147 views

What are some tips to be successful working as a technologist in a clinical laboratory #Spring24?

I am receiving my Masters in Clinical Microbiology this summer and have no hands on experience in a clinical lab! I am looking for some advice to prepare me for my clinical rotations starting next month!

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Apr 18 565 views

How do I begin a career in business management. This a top goal for me.What college will be the best to attend. What are the things that I need to make it possible. I just wanna succeed in my endeavor.?

How do I begin a career in business management. What college will be the best to attend. What are the things that I need to make it possible. I just wanna succeed in my endeavor.
I have a very good grade and being a manager I top on the list for career goal for me. I just need a good advice on this.

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Apr 17 473 views

Why does college matter?

I don't understand why people always think college is so important, and why people feel like they have to do it to get a job.

Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Apr 14 159 views

What should I choose as my college major?

I want lots of money but have no clue what to do.

miabella’s Avatar
miabella Apr 12 560 views

What are the working conditions in a law office?

Im a 15 year old girl interested in law. What is it like to work in a law office, what are your hours like do they feel long? Is the work draining?

karyssa’s Avatar
karyssa Apr 04 435 views

What are the hardest parts of becoming a lawyer?

What’s the hardest part of becoming a lawyer? More specifically, a defense attorney in criminal cases? And what are the most important things to know before committing to becoming a lawyer?

karyssa’s Avatar
karyssa Apr 04 712 views

How do I find internships for high schoolers interested in being a lawyer?

Hello! If you haven’t seen any of my previous questions, my name is Karyssa and i’m a 15 year old sophomore in high school and i’m very interested in becoming a defense lawyer. I’d like to do as much as possible to get ahead and get started on working towards my goal. I’m an online school...

karyssa’s Avatar
karyssa Apr 03 436 views

Best advice for getting into a law school?

Hello! I posted a question earlier today about the best tips to become a lawyer and I have some follow up questions like what is the best path to take? Is it hard to get into a law school? And what should I do in my 4-year college to get ahead/have an advantage? Lastly what’s the best law...

karyssa’s Avatar
karyssa Apr 03 541 views

What are the best tips and ways to get started in law?

hello! my name is karyssa and i’m a high school student doing online school. i’m currently in 10th grade and my dream is to become a lawyer. i’d like to waste no time and get started on reaching my goal ASAP! what are the best tips for doing so?

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