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Highland Park, Illinois

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Sasha’s Avatar
Sasha 3 hours ago 34 views

How to choose between pre-med and direct med?

Hi, I’m a junior trying to build my college list. Some of colleges I’m considering have a direct med program. How competitive is it to get into a direct med? Will it hurt me in the future if I don’t get in? what were some factors that helped you decide to commit to either pre-med or direct med?...

Mihaela’s Avatar
Mihaela yesterday 84 views

What is the difference between a lead radiation therapist and a regular radiation therapist?

I was curious about career growth in this field and saw that there was a position that could advance you to a lead radiation therapist. What duties does this entail? Are there any requirements besides experience such as further education? Thank you!

Mihaela’s Avatar
Mihaela yesterday 94 views

How do you get the opportunity to shadow a radiation therapist ?

I’m a senior in high school who is going to graduate soon and I was trying to see if there was any way to shadow radiation therapists so I could get a good idea of what it’s like in real life. However, I haven’t seen many opportunities posted. Any tips?

Mark’s Avatar
Mark 2 days ago 467 views

Will I get opportunities to shift across technologies in IT companies like IBM, Capgemini?

In my internship, I got to work across a couple of tech.. Can I do that in large IT companies or will they make me stick to a random tech ?

Mark’s Avatar
Mark 2 days ago 252 views

Will I make more money in a startup or large IT company?

I understand risk reward applies to startups, does it apply to large IT companies as well ? Will I make more money there ?

Mark’s Avatar
Mark 2 days ago 277 views

Can I work on new and emerging technologies like LLMs in IT companies like Microsoft, IBM, Capgemini?

Do large companies offer an inexperienced grad access to roles in new technology ?

Mark’s Avatar
Mark 2 days ago 97 views

Is a role in a large IT company like IBM exciting or as a recent graduate should I explore joining a start-up?

Are roles exciting in large companies or startups ?

Mark’s Avatar
Mark 2 days ago 225 views

How does one join a large IT company like Microsoft, IBM etc from college?

Can I apply directly to these companies ? How do I know where to go ?

Amparo’s Avatar
Amparo Apr 20 123 views

What Are The Requirements To Become A SLP?

The reason I’m wondering this is because I wanted to become a Speech Language Pathologist and I wanted to know what it takes in order to become one. I want to know what types of schools and Subjects I need to do in order to become one?

Amparo’s Avatar
Amparo Apr 20 156 views

What Are Good Practice Interview Sites ?

The reason I’m asking that is because I have a practice Mock Interview in my school in May and I want to know what websites I can use so I can begin practicing and earn a good score in my Mock Interview

Amparo’s Avatar
Amparo Apr 20 314 views

Why Is It Important To Go To College After Finishing High School?

The reason I’m asking that is because I’m done with high school and I want to know the reason of why is it important to go to college after high school.

Amparo’s Avatar
Amparo Apr 20 105 views

What Are The Requirements For Being A Massage Therapist ?

The reason I’m asking that question is because I want to take a massage therapist class at Harper and I was wondering if there are any requirements for me to take in order to get my degree

Deedum’s Avatar
Deedum Apr 19 254 views

What are the necessaryrequirements for a computer operator?

I want to be a computer scientist

sally’s Avatar
sally Apr 17 324 views

Foster care and College tuition?

I'm trying to become a nurse with a BSN. Does anyone know if being in foster care in Illinois qualifies you for free tuition in order to get a bachelor's degree?

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Apr 15 192 views

How to I get a job so young?

I’m young and want a job

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