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Long Grove, Illinois

Within 40 mile radius
puttsies’s Avatar
puttsies 2 days ago 55 views

Is addiction a real problem for businessmen?

Do all businessmen struggle with addiction, or is that just in the movies?

Karena’s Avatar
Karena 2 days ago 33 views

Where to find 2023-24 scholarships?

What are some strategies to locate scholarships for the 2023-2024 school year if my GPA falls below 3.0 but is above 2.75? (local scholarships are welcomed)

Shayla’s Avatar
Shayla Jun 05 45 views

When I choose a major will they look at my grades for specific subject?

For example; If I have a major related to biology but I want to change to a major related in to English. Will they still look at my English grade to determine whether I get in or not?

Leilani’s Avatar
Leilani Jun 03 64 views

What should I bring with me to my very first interview and what are some keywords that I should not use during the interview.

This is my very first interview.

Connor’s Avatar
Connor May 30 23 views

What are some ways that would better my odds of having a career in sports, such as sport broadcasting and sports journalism?

How do you think that I can improve my chances of having a career in sports such as sports broadcasting or sports journalism? What ways typically work, and also what courses could I take to increase my odds?

isabella’s Avatar
isabella May 30 43 views

Why would someone choose to get a higher degree (Master's, PHD, etc.)?

I am a high school student wondering what benefits come with getting different degrees.

Susan’s Avatar
Susan May 29 68 views

How to create a resume if you do not have “enough” experiences (How to beef up my resume)?

I’m currently a high schooler trying to apply to jobs and internships.

Cece’s Avatar
Cece May 23 54 views

Do you have any tips on how to start an entrepeneurship?

I'm just really curious and want to start one.

Briana’s Avatar
Briana May 21 49 views

What do you recommend doing in highschool to prepare your portfolio for your college applications?

I am currently in 10th grade and need help planning out what to do for my portfolio when applying to college for interior design.

Raynah’s Avatar
Raynah May 19 58 views

How do I try to become an engineer?

What are all of the high school classes I should be taking to learn about the types of engineering there are and ensure I take the correct classes to become one.

Kieran’s Avatar
Kieran May 15 28 views

Doctor Questions?

About how many years does it take to get a doctorate? About how many hours do you work a week?

noah’s Avatar
noah May 11 47 views

what interning or ideas can i start, to help me work my way as a therapist. Also what would i want to major in if i want to be a therapist, would i prefer counciling or psychology?

i would just like to know what path i should start looking more into.

Dayana’s Avatar
Dayana May 05 106 views

What types of Communications jobs are there?

I am a communications, media, and theatre major with a minor in communications. I know comm is a broad field, and I'm struggling with what types of job I would want. How do I start networking? Exploring?

nataliya’s Avatar
nataliya Apr 27 84 views

Why is being a psychiatrist so mentally draining?

Why is being a psychiatrist so mentally draining? do you still have time for yourself and your family? I plan on majoring in psych and am afraid of this.

Macy’s Avatar
Macy Apr 23 185 views

What are the best college majors to choose?

What are the best college majors to choose?I want it to be able to benefit it me in the future. I mean that I don’t want to major in math only to never use that skill.

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