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Saugatuck, Michigan

Within 40 mile radius
Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Nov 26 53 views

how can i prepare to be a nurse?

what schools, information, majors, etc do i need to attend to before going to college for being a pediatric nurse?

Morrigan’s Avatar
Morrigan Oct 20 146 views

How different is high school from college What are some lifestyle and workload differences? Do you have any financial or time-management tips?

I am a high school senior who is an undecided major. Since I will be moving out, I am worried about managing my life myself. I'm currently in 4 AP classes, so I have a large workload for a highschooler and I'm curious how much college will compare to that.

Maizie’s Avatar
Maizie Oct 10 87 views

What might help me with my day to day life in collage?

I would love to learn about what is going to happen in collage and how it will help my career in the future when i could just go online and learn the same thing.

Juleisy’s Avatar
Juleisy Oct 07 102 views

How to start an Online business in 2023 as a Teenager

How to start making money, when You can’t work and are a student? Without any investments and start From 0

Marisol’s Avatar
Marisol Sep 28 98 views

When would be the best time to schedule or start What specific requirements are needed for this, how willl this help me further my career and why is there such an awesome format for all of this (how)?

When is it best to reach out for any other opportunities, how does this help in becoming much more adaptable and successful in managing these internships?

Lexie’s Avatar
Lexie Sep 19 79 views

How do I approach college wanting to major in anthropology? Do you like it? Would there be anything that you would tell seniors in high school to look out for in this field?

i’m nervous that i’m going to graduate and then go to college for this degree and then not want anything to do with it anymore. What kind of advice would you give someone wanting to go work in the forensics field studying anthropology?

Lucy’s Avatar
Lucy Aug 29 122 views

How do you balance your ambition with others’ expectations?

It feels a bit like I don’t know whether I actually want to study business or if my parents just want me to. How do I make sure I’m fulfilled without disappointing my parents?

Jewel’s Avatar
Jewel Aug 23 103 views

How can I level up my art skills and successfully sell my artwork? Any tips or tricks? 🎨💰

To become an epic artist and sell your masterpieces, keep practicing, seek feedback, and explore different marketing strategies. Keep creating and sharing your art! 🎨💫

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara Jun 28 276 views

What are tips for starting in IT Help Desk?

Hi! I'm looking to enter IT. Most people that want to enter IT start working at a help desk. Before working in help desk, I think it's important to get some advice and pro-tips.

What should someone know before starting at IT Help Desk?

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara Jun 28 163 views

What are some tips for the Comp TIA A+?

Hi! I'm looking to enter IT. One piece of advice given to start in IT near end of college is to get the A+ cert, a.k.a the CompTIA A+ certification. What are some tips to know for the A+? What are common easy areas while practicing for the exams? On the flip side: What are common challenges...

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara Jun 28 193 views

How do you study for certifications?

Hi! I'm looking to enter IT. In IT, many jobs require certifications to pursue specific roles.
How do people in IT study for certification tests? What is your approach to studying on a consistent routine?

Shelby’s Avatar
Shelby Jun 25 212 views

How do I become an anesthesiologist assistant?

How do I become an anesthesiologist assistant?

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara Jun 21 350 views

How do people find jobs currently?

Hi! I'm looking to enter IT.

I know that people discuss the job market is tough. At the same time, I didn't realize how many roles are out in the world now.

How do people find jobs currently - when there's many jobs yet there's tough/competitiveness? Can numerous jobs + job competition coexist?

Allison Marie’s Avatar
Allison Marie Jun 20 150 views

Should I even consider med school?

Is the money and time for medical school worth it to become a Physician?

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara Jun 16 201 views

How do adults develop work life balance?

Hi! I'm looking to enter IT. I want to understand work-life balance, since it's a important topic that comes up a lot among professionals. In terms of not letting work take over all of your time. How do adults that work develop good work life balance, so they can enjoy their life? What action...

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