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Determining which college to go to requires much thought. Some students leave home and experience the world by themselves for the first time. Others stay close to home to be...

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Jesus A. Jan 03, 2018 323 views

I don't know which college/university to go to.

I don't know which college or university to go to where I can be the best I can be. I want to major in architecture but I want to find the best colleges and universities to go to. #architecture #college...


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Martha S. Dec 15, 2017 317 views

What are some good child psychology degree programs in the USA?

Planning to pursue a child psychology degree. Looking for colleges with good degree programs. #child-psychology #psychology #college #college-selection...

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Devetra C. Dec 04, 2017 364 views
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HARSHIL P. Nov 23, 2017 389 views
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Abby L. Nov 08, 2017 435 views

What technical institutes also have good theater opportunities?

I'm looking to go into physics/astrophysics, but I'm also an avid theatrical actor. Are there any universities that are strong in both? #college #theater #physics #astrophysics #college-selection #college-major...


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Lidia M. Oct 10, 2017 503 views

Which university should I go to run a salon?

Is almost time to choose my university, my dream is run a salon especially for nails #business-development #women-in-business #small-business #entrepreneurship #cosmetics #cosmetology #college-selection...


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Pradeep R. Oct 20, 2017 321 views

How much is the application to University of California Davis?

I would like to know the cost of the application to various colleges of my interest to prepare myself. #college-admissions #college #college-selection...


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Abby L. Oct 17, 2017 445 views

Can I schedule an interview with a college after submitting my application?

I really don't have enough time to schedule all my college interviews before early deadlines. Can I schedule them after I've submitted my applications? #college #college-applications #interviews #college-admissions #college-selection #college-advice ##college...


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Ella D. Oct 16, 2017 472 views

Do certain schools look better when applying to medical school?

Like what do people from some schools have a better chance of getting into med school as others? #medschool #medicine #medical-school #doctor #nursing...


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Sydnie R. May 24, 2016 424 views

When should I start visiting colleges?

Should I visit before I apply, like in the summer after my junior year? Or after I apply and get accepted? Because why would I visit a place that might not accept me? #campus-visit #college-admissions...


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Maria P. Sep 01, 2017 342 views

How expensive is Physical Therapy school in Oregon schools?

I've always wanted to become a Physical Therapist but my only concern is that it is too expensive. I would love to win a scholarship for my school. Hopefully I will be able to make my dream to come true. #physical-therapy #scholarships #college-selection...


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maryam O. May 25, 2016 522 views

Choosing a college is hard. What college is best for nursing?

I will be attending 2 years at a community college but after I graduate I want to transfer to a 4 year University, what one would you suggest for a BSN degree? #college #nursing #nurse...


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Kelsi W. May 27, 2016 501 views

Does the name of a college affect the influence behind the degree you may earn?

I understand that there are huge differences in Ivy League schools. However, if I am planning on attending a regular university, does the name of the university carry as much weight and does it affect my degree? #professor #graduate #academic-advising #college...


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Sydney W. Aug 12, 2016 425 views

What activities should I be participating in in high school to be able to apply for an undergraduate degree used to get into medical school?

I want to be a neurosurgeon and am overwhelmed with the amount of colleges I could apply to for undergrad. I am currently leading two different sections of the robotics team at my school and am thinking about taking summer classes to become an EMT to get hands on-experience in the medical...

#college #academic-advising #medical-student #physician #college-admissions #surgeon #college-selection #undergraduate

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Katie S. Aug 13, 2016 533 views

What are the odds of getting into veterinary school if you don't attend a top level college?

I would like to become a marine mammal veterinarian but the odds of getting into veterinary school are very small. There are only 28 vet schools in the USA. So is it better to attend a top flight undergraduate college where it's also very difficult to get in or go to what is considered an...

#college-selection #college #academic-advising #veterinary #veterinarian

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Eve L. Aug 31, 2017 510 views

What are the advantages of going to an all women university?

I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons of going to either an all women school or a co-ed school but I'm not sure how to compare them since I've only ever gone to a co-ed school #college-applications #college #college-selection #college-advice...


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Semaj M. Sep 01, 2017 450 views

How do I know if I've chosen the right school?

I'm asking because I ask my self that question regularly and I can never seem to answer it. #texastokansas #college-selection...


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Jenna M. Sep 01, 2017 352 views

How do you find the right college for you?

I do not know what I'm looking for in a college and do not know how to pick. #idk #college-selection #college-admissions...


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Jenny S. Oct 27, 2016 467 views

Is Keiser University a good college for forensics?

I'm interested in this college and would like to know if it is a good college for the major I've decided on. #professor #forensics #college-selection #career-counseling...


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Emily F. Oct 28, 2016 511 views

Do you find that some colleges are better for Zoology or Biology majors and if so what are they?

I am a senior who is interested in going into Biology with a concentration in Zoology or a Zoology major. I would prefer a college in the Midwest but I am willing to find a college somewhere else in the United States as long as it has a good academic program. #biologist #zoologist #biology...

#college-selection #science

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Jessica C. Sep 01, 2017 3126 views

What is the difference between a UC and a CSU?

I have been considering going to various colleges in California. However, I do not understand the difference between the UC system and the CSU system. #california #college...


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Magaly L. Aug 30, 2017 362 views
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Viadella H. Sep 27, 2017 339 views

What is the best college to attend for Psychiatric Nursing?

My name is Viadella, I'm in 9th grade, and I want to major in Psychology. I've been interested in Psychiatric Nursing since my uncle was diagnosed with schizophrenia. #psychology #nursing...


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Megan A. Sep 28, 2017 439 views

How do I get scholarships in nursing ?

I am really interested in becoming a nurse anesthetist. #registered-nursing #nursing #scholarships...


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cheyenne C. Sep 29, 2017 410 views

What's the best college for majoring in criminology?

i am asking this question because i want to go to the best school so i know everything i need to know to become a cop. #criminology #law-enforcement...


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Daniel P. Sep 28, 2017 352 views

What college is best for a student wanting to become a physical therapist?

I want to become a physical therapist, and I want other people's opinion on the best school for this. #physical-therapy...


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Karen P. Sep 02, 2017 448 views

How do you find a college that is best fit for you?

I am going into my senior year of high school and need to start preparing for college applications. There are several universities that I have been drawn to, but after doing a ton of research, I could not seem to find a university that offers the whole package. I plan to go into the field of...

#occupational-therapy #college-selection #university #east-coast #college #college-prep #gpa

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Karen P. Sep 02, 2017 541 views

How does applying to colleges with an undecided major versus a decided major differ in the ways they will affect your future?

As a senior in high school, I am in the midst of preparing for the next stop on the long and winding journey we call life. Every turn I take and every decision I make leads me down a different path and I'll admit it, it intimidates me. Even after a ton of research and experimenting, it is hard...

#college-selection #life #college #decided #undecided #college-admissions #college-major