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How can I have a career with traveling ?

I am a sophomore in high school . As of now , I don't know my purpose in life. I honestly just want to travel the world , make money and be happy. How could I travel as a full time job? #travel #career...


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What can I do to increase the change of a full ride scholarship?

Or bigger scholarships in general. I know they're very hard to come by, but academics are a strength of mine so I figured I'd might as well see how I could continue to increase my potential of one. #college #scholarship #college-advice...


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Holly A. May 20 168 views

How did you decide on your university and chosen course(s)?

I’m currently in year 12 (11th grade) and I’m unsure about what degree to pursue at university, which university and which country (US or UK). #university #uni #course #study #degree...


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I aspire to become a pastry chef and to own a bakery, what are tips for starting and running a successful business?

I am twenty-three years of age and I have a had a burning passion to enter the culinary world ever since I was a child. Owning my own business is one of my dreams after getting some more hands on experience. What would be some good advice/tips to running a successful bakery? #business #chef...

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What is the toughest part of your job?

I am a hard worker who likes to work at my own pace but I can work with challenges but since I have issues with getting my ideas across with other people. I'm great at adapting to new things and I love art, writing and any type of job that allows me to be able to express my thoughts in a...

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