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madison’s Avatar
madison Oct 02, 2020 752 views

if i wanted to try out for basketball what would be the best tips to make the team?

#athlete #athlete #athlete i always wanted to show people i wanted to be good in sports but i didn't have a way to show them that i was good enough for any other sports i liked. #school #gpa

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 10, 2020 2588 views

What if I can't handle college?

#college #college-advice

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jul 03, 2020 1241 views

Is it possible to find an internship in biology and research without any prior experience

I'm a 3rd year in college and a Psychology major, but lately I have been wondering if I should switch. Biology, research, and medicine seem to interest me. Is there any possible way where I could find an internship in this field and get acquainted with it with no prior experience? #internship...

Khadija’s Avatar
Khadija Jun 29, 2020 1892 views

As a high school student, how do I know if computer science is the right college major for me?

I'm a 16 year old rising high school senior, and I've been learning how to code in my free time for the past year or so. I've decided that I want to study computer science in college, but I'm still not entirely sure about my decision. #college #computer #computer-science #college-major

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jun 23, 2020 11265 views

How much does it cost to be a pediatrician

I want to become a pediatrician when I get older, and just want more details about the job #pediatrics

Samyukta’s Avatar
Samyukta Jun 17, 2020 1277 views

Is it better to averagely succeed in a 'hard-to-get-in' university or immensely succed in a 'normal-not -so-hard' university?

For example:
is it better to be a below average in Harvard
is it better to be top in an easy going university? #university #college #college-admissions

kazim’s Avatar
kazim Jun 13, 2020 1586 views

i need help finding my passion and building a strong foundational skills

I am a wildly curious person about life as we all are but I think that one of the things that I am lacking is that I have no passion and that I don't have an interest. I also feel that I lack a strong foundation and I have no foundation when it comes to anything and I am not good at anything....

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Jun 11, 2020 1238 views

What research should I be doing if I cannot figure out what I want to major in?

#college #collegemajor

Jowell’s Avatar
Jowell Jun 10, 2020 2952 views

Any advice for a upcoming college freshman?

I will be attending Old Dominion University majoring in Cytotechnology #college #college-advice

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Jun 08, 2020 11795 views

Can you still try for being a doctor even if you are bad at math?

Even when I was young, I wasn't really confident in math nor even good at it. Where I am curious if I can still run towards my dream which is becoming a neurosurgeon even if I am bad at math. #math #medicine #college

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Jun 04, 2020 896 views

What kind of experiences would you recommend the summer before senior year and the summer before college in order to get ahead for pre-med in college?

I just finished my junior year in high school and I am wondering how I should be proactive this summer. I have heard that internships and volunteering in clinics is very good if you plan to go into pre-med, but I am unsure of how to get myself out there. Both of my parents did not go into...

Claudine’s Avatar
Claudine Jun 02, 2020 1483 views

What are some things I could start doing in high school to help me prepare to study Biomechanics?

#college , #engineering

Jess’s Avatar
Jess Jun 02, 2020 552 views

What are a few free online courses I can take for becoming a pediatrician and interior designer?

I'm a student at the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine at John Hay High School and my career goal is to become a pediatrician and just for fun an interior designer too. #pediatrician #pediatrics

Arisa’s Avatar
Arisa May 30, 2020 2082 views

What are some back up professions or careers?

I'm thinking about going into the medical field and I know that it's tough. Even though it'd be a dream to study medicine, I figured that I should be on the safe side and have a backup job I can fall back on if things don't work out. Any suggestions for those kinds of jobs? #job #medicine...

Simratpreet’s Avatar
Simratpreet May 27, 2020 1890 views

How can I make myself more competitive to get into college during this quarantine?

I am a junior in High school with decent grades. I don't have much leadership position but I have played basketball for 4 years so far and track for 2 years. I don't have any volunteer experience and I was planning on this summer but due to covid 19 I can't. #volunteer #sports #college #job