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Jane May 28, 2020 1295 views

What careers can you be from a Cognitive Science major?

#cogsci #cognitive #major #computer-science #computer-science #science #career #psychology #neuroscience

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Mariam May 27, 2020 1183 views

I'd like to know more about jobs in the legal field

I'm a second year law student in a french university. I'd like to pursue a career in law but I am wondering about the work/life balance
#attorney #law #law-school #lawyer

Paridhi’s Avatar
Paridhi May 26, 2020 735 views

What factors should one be aware of when one starts an organization?

I have previous experience with working with an organization. I currently have started my own organization and am currently working on establishing it as an unincorporated organization.

#entrepreneur #STEM #business

George’s Avatar
George May 27, 2020 2066 views

What volunteering positions are great in order to become a Software Engineer?

I am a Junior at Aviation High School, the past 2 weeks I spend my time trying to find remote volunteering roles. Some of them included WordPress Mentor, Data Entry and Remote Student Mentor/Tutor. Are they any other volunteering positions that could help land my first job at a tech startup or...

Tylar’s Avatar
Tylar May 25, 2020 3130 views

Do Most Software Engineers enjoy their job?

#software #engineer #software-engineering #computer-software