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Mekhi E. Dec 04, 2014 1031 views
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Nick K. Oct 19, 2015 756 views

Is Office Max a good career to support myself +1

I work at Office Max and dont want to go to college right away. Will I be able to support myself in a apartment?...


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Adamar L. Oct 29, 2016 836 views

Is it okay to feel scare to start working?

Im new to all of this "independence"...


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James S. Jan 26, 2017 871 views
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Jaidyn L. Aug 31, 2017 407 views

Is it ok to not be certain on the major you want to study for in college?

I have multiple majors that I am interested in but I do not know which one is the right option for me. #decidingmajor #undecided #career-counseling...


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Ashley H. Dec 17, 2017 503 views

Should I get a part-time or university job while attending classes?

It has been something that I have been questioning since I started at university. I know that I need a greater amount of experience than I have currently, and in getting a job, I will have more funds. Which is just a touch important. On the other side, a part-time job may not be in the field of...

#work-life-balance #part-time #jobs-for-college-students #university

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Rachel R. Jan 16, 2018 260 views

How do I balance taking care of my health, studying, and maintaining a social life in college?

I'm having the hardest time trying to manage it all!...


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Ibrahim E. Jan 17, 2018 302 views

i don't what to major in ?

because i have very little time to decide what to do in collage #college #college-major #undecided...


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Luke H. Jan 18, 2018 497 views

How do college students balance work with fun?

I am currently a senior in high school and I struggle to have much of a social life due to my school work load. Is the work load going equal or more time consuming? #stressed #work-life-balance...


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Jordan O. Jan 18, 2018 526 views

Will I regret not making money?

I am choosing the education field, which is where my passion lies. However, will I regret making next to no money? Now I think not, there are more important things. But still I wonder. #education...


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Gabriela M. Sep 14, 2018 492 views

How can I handle a part-time job and college at the same time?

I'm not in college but I do plan on working part-time while doing full-time college. Are there any ways I can prepare myself? #work-life-balance #college-advice #job #student...


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Bobbie W. Mar 04, 2019 276 views

How do I choose a career?

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Nick S. Jul 29, 2019 281 views
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Dimitar N. Mar 16 345 views

What are your thoughts on working in the banking industry?

I am an economics student looking to connect with professionals in domaind such as banking, business and finance #business #finance...