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Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Oct 23, 2020 319 views

Why do some people like one cluster more than others?

I am a Sophomore at Midview High School in Grafton, Ohio #Lawyer

Namia’s Avatar
Namia Oct 02, 2020 3826 views

I am a math major with a minor in accounting. What are my career options for someone with a combination of degrees like me?

#careers #majors #career-choice #accounting #accountant #math

kathryn’s Avatar
kathryn Oct 27, 2020 609 views

What classes do I need to take in college to be a pastry chef?

I wanted to know this so I could take these classes #college #pastrychef #classes

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Oct 27, 2020 372 views

How would i go about starting a business?

ive wanted to do this for awhile after i graduate and retire from the military and wanted to know how difficult it is and if its worth trying

#business #career

Devyn’s Avatar
Devyn Oct 27, 2020 478 views

I’m not very skilled at drawing or painting. Will that affect me, if I want to be an architect?

#architect #architecture #professional #professionals

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Oct 29, 2020 432 views

What are the steps/tips to starting a (plant) business?

I want to start a business when I graduate college, what would be the main steps that one would need to know to start a new business? If you had any tips or things that weren't known right away, that would be another question. #business #tips #steps

Shane’s Avatar
Shane Oct 27, 2020 387 views

How can I own my own business?

Hello, my name is Shane. I am 17 and I am currently a senior in high school. I was wondering how I would get to owning my own my business. Do I need to go to college? How long does it take to own a business? Any certifications I need to own my own business? Do I need to go to college to own my...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 27, 2020 782 views

What is the best skill to have for real estate

I know you need to be a good negotiator and communicator but what are some other skills that separate the average realtor and a good realtor #marketing #success #skills #business

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 27, 2020 417 views

does staying in college longer help me do better in real estate

Im trying to figure out how long i should be in college so when I go into real estate I can be the best #business #real-estate

Shaniah’s Avatar
Shaniah Sep 04, 2020 533 views

What can help me find the career I want ?

#cool # funny # successful

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 04, 2016 1014 views

Which business undergraduate degree gives the most choices for careers after graduation?

I am interested in the business field. #business #career #college-major

Josh L’s Avatar
Josh Feb 12, 2020 3034 views

Want to go into advisory / management consulting. Which is a better stepping stone? Audit or Tax?

Hi. I'm an accounting fresh graduate who is currently trying to complete ACCA. I would like to go into advisory or management consulting but lately there are no responses from Big4 and other consulting firms. Therefore, I might have to start my career in either external audit or tax. Which of...

Tinni’s Avatar
Tinni May 15, 2018 1076 views

How is NYU Undergraduate Stern?

This is a program that I’ve really been looking into and was wondering if those who have graduated from this program would be able to give any insight on. #nyu #stern #business-school #college #undergraduate

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 24, 2020 2880 views

What does an accountant do on a typical day?

#business #accountant #accounting