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Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Jul 20, 2022 1237 views

What exactly do tech consultants do?

Would it include any sort of programming or SWE?

Rajat’s Avatar
Rajat Jun 18, 2020 1248 views

How Can I Become A Hacker

Which Courses Are There And What Are The Qualifications Needed For Joining The Course And What Is the Average Salary Of A Hacker (Black Hat).#hacking #technology #information-technology

Signora’s Avatar
Signora Feb 02, 2022 654 views

What kind of things do Ethical hackers do?

#hacking #ethicalhacking #coding #programming #computer-programming

Alessia’s Avatar
Alessia Jun 09, 2022 496 views

legal hacking

whats the best and worst part about being a legal hacker?

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Jul 12, 2022 817 views


I need help getting started in my ui/ux design career, also any tips on being a project manager will also be super helpful. Every website I look on to try and get a certificate is almost $1000

Kang’s Avatar
Kang Jun 21, 2022 1078 views

As an incoming college freshman planning to work in tech industry, what should I do over the next few years to prepare?

Ex: types of skills to learn, types of internships to get, people to reach out and connect

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Jul 11, 2022 605 views

How do I gain the skillset to work as a cloud and digital consultant for organizations today?

How do I gain just enough experience through exposure to a wide range of cloud and technological services and skills, without being too shallow in my understanding of or competence in all the respective fields of expertise to keep up with market trends. Do you recommend depth over breadth or...

Nigel’s Avatar
Nigel May 18, 2016 1383 views

How does one utilize HTML, CSS, and Java for computer science?

I was learning about HTML, CSS, and Java in school and at a computer tech camp called ID Tech Camp and was very interested in gaining an understanding on these computer languages. #computer #java #html #css

Uniququa’s Avatar
Uniququa Aug 24, 2018 768 views

How do I get a job on campus?

Like a work -study or a job that understands my schedule but still gives me hours and good pay
#job #jobs

muskan’s Avatar
muskan Dec 28, 2020 751 views

BCA gradute ! what to do next?

i don't want to go for MCA . i am planning for mba from top colleges. but still i want to explore new things. different career options rather than mba to boost up my career. and yah i am planning for digital marketing so is it good ? plz tell me diff options for career path. #career...