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Abi R.’s Avatar
Abi R. May 22, 2016 1037 views

What is the difference between hard and soft skills on a resume?

One resume asked me for hard skills and soft skills, and I want to know the difference. resume interviews...


montessa E.’s Avatar
montessa E. Feb 24, 2017 538 views

Which schools have the best programs for transfer students?

I will be graduating this May with an associate's degree. I'm looking for schools that have human resources or business administration programs that will accept all or most of my 70 credits. I've been looking around at the colleges in my area. I'm asking for a second opinion. college...

human-resources college-major college-selection college-bound

Shan T.’s Avatar
Shan T. Jan 27, 2021 329 views

Any College Advice?

What is some college advice that every incoming freshman should know, in regards to classes, career choices, volunteering, internships, roommates, etc. college...


Harmony D.’s Avatar
Harmony D. Jun 01, 2021 396 views

What jobs are available right after college after having a minor in Human Resource Management?

I am a college sophmore with a goal of becoming a Human Resources Manager someday. human-resources...


Amy L.’s Avatar
Amy L. Jun 12, 2021 463 views

How do you know if doing human resource management is right for you? Do you need to narrow down which industry to work in for HR?

I am currently studying business in college, but I am not sure which business major to study. I do a lot of communications and like connecting with people, which is why I think HR might be right for me. (I'm not sure if this is the correct way of thinking or viewing HR.) There is HR in many...

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Giovanna V.’s Avatar
Giovanna V. Jun 30, 2021 138 views

How do you manage college and a job?

I need to figure how to balance them both while still giving 100% to both things. college-advice...