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Jeff Ayers

Workforce Management Long Range Planning
Transportation and Material Moving Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Lafayette, Colorado
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Victoria May 29, 2018 968 views

Is it difficult to balance college and a job simultaneously?

#jobs #job #worker

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Gina Feb 14, 2020 607 views

why do you want to work here?

#work #social-work

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Paajcha Julie Dec 16, 2021 3360 views

What is being a remote worker like?

For those you of doing remote work, what is is like overall? 1. What kind of work do you do? (contractor, employee, etc.) 2. In regards to work hours, is it more flexible compared to working on site? 3. How are you compensated? (salary, commission, etc.) 4. What is the earning potential of...

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Nov 29, 2021 1456 views

What are some interesting remote jobs that are available right now?

Even with a bachelors degree, looking for a job has been very challenges these past 6 months. I would like to find a job that is remote, interesting, flexible (optional), and allows me to travel while I pursue my dreams. Just want to reiterate that this is a "hope and dream" of mine. Just need...

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Megan Oct 25, 2016 897 views

What is it like to have a job that makes you happy but has very little income?

I'm worried that I'll spend more time worrying about financial issues than I will actually enjoying my job if I end up with a low income job. #general

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Ena Mar 15, 2017 795 views

What time is good to be self-employed?

More and more people choose to be self-employed after they work several years. #work

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Ashley Dec 06, 2017 1404 views

What can one do with a degree in religion or religious studies?

The last few semesters, I have taken a few courses outside of my major and found that I rather enjoy the religion and mythology based courses that my university offers. It has been brought up to me by my professors that a religion degree is offered, and while I have looked into it a bit, I was...

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Liana Sep 07, 2016 1193 views

How does the concept of the dialogical self impact our daily conversations?

The dialogical self is the mind's ability to imagine the different positions of participants in an internal dialogue in close connections with external dialogue. This theory weaves together two conecpts: self and dialogue to understand interconnections of self and society. How does this theory...