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Edwin Mar 16, 2022 370 views

What do I need to know about being a pharmacy tech?

I'mma study Pharmacy tech, but I'm not sure what is it about. Explain what I need to know and do.

Melvin Summerville’s Avatar
Melvin Mar 08, 2022 1113 views

How do you achieve work/life balance?

I recently finished up grad school and have entered the workforce as a mechanical engineer. Since there is so much to do, I have been staying up later to manage all the different projects I'm working on. It's a bit overwhelming. Any tips on how I can balance a heavy workload along with other...

laya’s Avatar
laya Mar 11, 2022 268 views

When trying to standout on front for medical school, what are some things in highschool i can do to further my chances of getting accepted?

what are some actvities or jobs i can partake in to challenge my readiness for medical school or college?

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laya Mar 11, 2022 287 views

What is the best way to prepare for AP tests?

what is the best way to study for test in ap world history, and prepare for the ap test?

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Canming Mar 12, 2022 203 views

Where can I find a suitable career?

I want to research about careers that I want to do during college or after college either working as an intern or a real job.

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Mar 17, 2022 334 views

How do you know what career is the one for you?

I'm interested in two different careers but I don't know which one to pursue because both careers have some pros and cons from my perspective.

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Voc Mar 18, 2022 162 views

How do severs carry the plates without a big plate?

Some people do it without a big plate.

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Voc Mar 18, 2022 135 views

Do the restaurant jobs require college?

Which restaurants do require college.

Mikayla’s Avatar
Mikayla Mar 09, 2022 268 views

What steps should I start taking as a sophmore in high school to prepare for college?

#highschool #advice

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Van Mar 08, 2022 295 views

What major should I get for physical therapy

#physical-therapist #physical-therapy #major #choosing-a-major

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Frankie Feb 04, 2022 302 views

Should I be a youtuber?

I use Youtube everyday and spend hours on it #technology #college

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Alex Dec 25, 2021 338 views

Question about major to become a doctor

I have a question care of being a doctor I need to pick a major can I do computer forensic cyber security while I completed my pre-requirement courses for medical school in community college and university who are happy that made it to go to medical school I don’t want to make a mistake?#doctor

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Jiale Feb 03, 2022 367 views

What jobs do students with a chemistry major generally end up with?

#chemistry #job

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Josh Feb 09, 2022 186 views

Can you live well on a commission only income?

I'm a 16 year old male interested in real estate. #real-estate

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Anthony Feb 03, 2022 253 views

What are things someone wanting to go into the medical field should adopt?

#medicine #medical #doctor