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Aniyah’s Avatar
Aniyah Mar 27, 2023 365 views

How do you stay calm while dealing with a heated case?

I am interested in becoming a criminal justice lawyer.

FAITH’s Avatar
FAITH Mar 21, 2023 283 views

What do you wish you had known before applying to law school?

just wanted to know

Aaliyah’s Avatar
Aaliyah Dec 22, 2022 870 views

what colleges are good if you want to major in law and become a lawyer?

I'm in 10th grade and I really want to become a lawyer. so I want to know what colleges I should look at.

Landis’s Avatar
Landis Nov 09, 2022 387 views

I am interested in criminal law.

How do I become a criminal or family court judge? Can I become a judge out of law school?

Norris’s Avatar
Norris Nov 03, 2022 781 views

What does your workday as a lawyer look like?

Hello, I am focusing very straightforward on becoming a lawyer and someday a Judge my question is there anyone who could maybe tell me about their workday as a lawyer? I'm also looking broaden my horizons and get a better insight into the legal system

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Oct 29, 2022 813 views

Can you use a psychology degree as a lawyer? What majors are best for a career in law?

I'm interested in psychology as well as law and I was thinking about majoring in psychology in case I change my mind, but will that really be useful in a law career?

Angie’s Avatar
Angie May 04, 2016 999 views

be a lawyer

how many hours do you work and how many day to u work #lawyer

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Oct 25, 2022 1237 views

How do I know what I really want to study for my life ?

I don't know what to study and im trying to know what I want to do but I just dont know

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Oct 17, 2022 543 views

What are the challenges and benefits of Law school?

Hi! I have some interest in possibly becoming a Criminal Defense Lawyer or a Constitutional Lawyer. I have heard that Law school is very challenging and time consuming, which has slightly discouraged me from this pathway, although I do have a lot of interest in it. I'm wondering if Law school...

Conner’s Avatar
Conner Oct 10, 2022 483 views

Is there any fields of law that would allow me to be successful whilst still maintaining a somewhat stable work-life balance?

I am a sophomore in High school, and Im interested in going into law in the future. I want to be successful, but I also don't want to be completely absent from my families life, if I choose to have one. I also value having time to myself. Is there a field in law that would allow me to do that?

David’s Avatar
David Sep 07, 2022 609 views

Starting a career in law enforcement as a certified security guard?

If i obtain my state's required guard card, and gain some work experience, would it be realistic to become a law enforcement officer? Possibly a City patrol officer or even a deputy sheriff with the right experience? Possibly even become a corrections officer or other federal position such as...

Danessa’s Avatar
Danessa Sep 12, 2022 455 views

If you are wanting to go to law school for criminal law after undergrad, what will be best to major in?

Not sure what I want to do.