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Gayla’s Avatar
Gayla Sep 17, 2018 707 views

How does a person manage thier time and money in College?

#money #financial-planning #college

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jun 09, 2022 1190 views

How much money did you invest in your career?

Was the amount of investment that you was worth it at the end?

Light’s Avatar
Light Jul 14, 2022 1636 views

What level of education should you have if you want to be a professional athlete?

If I want to become a professional soccer player, do I have to of had a really good education, or is it more about the skills you have as an athlete?

Lloyd john’s Avatar
Lloyd john Aug 20, 2022 514 views

Is there any scholarships in here that I can take?

I just want to finish studying

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Dec 06, 2017 745 views

How good is it to pay back student loans while still in college?

Wanted to know if it was a good idea to start paying back student debt while still in school or should I wait until I finish? #debt #student-loans #personal-finance #financial-planning #student-loans #college

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Mar 27, 2018 1057 views

How do I balance spending and saving?

My instinct is to spend only what I have to, then spend the rest on luxuries. What are some strategies for developing healthy financial practices? #college-advice
#personal-finance #savings

Austin’s Avatar
Austin May 24, 2016 921 views

What are possible ways to make college more affordable?

I find it very difficult to find ways to pay for college. I don't want to owe a lot after graduating. What are possible ways to help make it cheaper ans easier to manage. #finance #scholarship #money-management

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Jun 16, 2021 1636 views

What are the different jobs you can have at a bank?

Hi, I'm a high school student and I've been trying to think of what I want to be when I am older. I think I want to do something relating to finance and money but I'm not sure. I would like to know more about banking specifically. Thanks!
#banking #finance #student

Quiana’s Avatar
Quiana Aug 10, 2021 1573 views

How do you increase productivity at work?

#accounting #finance

Aldo’s Avatar
Aldo Jul 30, 2021 1060 views

What is the first step to step out of my comfort zone?

I’m trying to learn new things but I’m not sure where to start off. I’ll take any tips. #finance