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Maggie Apr 22 181 views

How should I apply for jobs with massive anxiety?

I have been diagnosed with anxiety for over ten years and my anxiety is getting the best of me. There are a lot of places hiring and I don’t know how to apply for an interview or how to sound professional. Any recommendations or tips to help?

Eunie’s Avatar
Eunie Apr 21 506 views

What is the best strategy to study for the final exam?

Aside from not procrastinating .

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Apr 20 414 views

What are the benefits are dorming inside a college campus?

Just want some peoples opinions on this.

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Brietta Apr 19 240 views

When should you start applying for college ?

When should you start applying for college?

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Taliah Apr 19 192 views

What’s are some tips that students coming out of high school should follow?

I’m in my sophomore year of high school and I’m already thinking about how I should, and what I should do once I graduate and meet the real world, and how it can effect me positively.

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Noah Apr 18 310 views

How do I put myself out there in college?

I've been asking about this specific subject for a little bit, but I want to hear different perspectives about it.

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ISAIAH Apr 19 216 views

What is the best way to save money?

I am a senior in high school

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Helen Apr 18 179 views

How do people decide ultimately what they want to learn for their career ?

How do people decide ultimately what they want to learn for their career? I want to be a marine biologist, but I'm still unsure if still of many things in this topic. I'm having quite some trouble deciding over a couple jobs because I also have to consider of where I could get a job for a...

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lia Apr 18 293 views

How to connect and build your network in college?

I've heard about networking and I know what it is but how do you find the right people to network with? Also, what do you do after like do you write down their info and keep it somewhere safe in case you need it?