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amelia Oct 03 75 views

What are the most exciting areas in the healthcare field?

Most exciting, most demanding, just anything that won't be boring.

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marely Sep 11 244 views

what would be a good age to start nursing? What would be the best job if your just starting one?

i know a lot go after college but like if we don’t go what age would be best if we would start late? like say you didn’t get a job in your teenage years what would be the best job as a starter?

Bell’s Avatar
Bell Sep 06 167 views

What do you do to get in your speciality ?

What After you go to nursing how do u get in your speciality

cheyenne’s Avatar
cheyenne Sep 04 79 views

How do i get to be successful in life to wanting to be a nurse? What kind of classes would i take and stuff?

i’m a sophomore in high school right now but i would love to know and get ahead so i know what to take for when i go to college, because it’ll come faster than i know it.

Bea’s Avatar
Bea Sep 03 337 views

What made you pursue this career path? How much do you make in the beginning and how much do you make later on? Does it get easier with experience? How much schooling do you need to start? What internships could you get after schooling and during schooling?

When you get the internship does that help get you an official job at the place you get there or help you get recommended to other places?

emily’s Avatar
emily Aug 27 176 views

Will Going to community college make a difference when i find jobs as a nurse?

I have been thinking about going to community college to get my associates degree and become a nurse but i still want a bachelors. Will this make it harder to get a job as a new grad nurse?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Aug 23 172 views

What is an uncommon job (or one that people maybe don’t think of when they think of medical jobs) in the medical field that pays well, yet requires minimal schooling?

What is an uncommon job in the medical field that pays well, yet requires minimal schooling?

Elijah’s Avatar
Elijah Aug 23 204 views

Is there anything i can do as a teen to help become a first responder

i am 14 year old transmale and want to be a first responder (paramedic i hope) is there anything i can do to right now or as a teen to help achieve that goal when im older if so what can i do? And anything i should avoid doing now?

Ay'Asia’s Avatar
Ay'Asia Aug 23 223 views

How long would it take me to become a nurse if I'm starting off as an MAA? Also i'm in job corps.

I'm currently in job corps

megan’s Avatar
megan Aug 22 74 views

What is the starting pay for a nurse

What is the starting pay for RN's

sus’s Avatar
sus Aug 10 133 views

If i wanted to go to college or university to become a registered nurse, how many years will I need?

If i wanted to go to college or university to become a registered nurse, how many years will I need? Some people say it depends and others are saying 2 years, so please help me..!

Ali’s Avatar
Ali Aug 01 148 views

Why become a doctor v.s. a nurse or even a physician assistant?

Any tips, advice, or guidance would be extremely helpful. It would also be nice to hear anyone's own experience on why they made their decision.

Mario’s Avatar
Mario Jul 25 95 views

What are some tools and/or other gear and systems I would use while working as a Paramedic?

All answers are accepted and any further info is also highly grateful.

damien’s Avatar
damien Jul 31 141 views

What does it take to become a Registered Nurse ?

What kind of education/training would I need to become a Registered Nurse?

Mackenzie’s Avatar
Mackenzie Jul 29 117 views

how to apply to nursing school?

I want to go to an out of state nursing program and im not sure if i can because im a sophmore in highschool