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Justin Lee

Frontend developer
New York, New York
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Corey Nov 10 109 views

Software developer and Software engineer?

What is the difference between a software developer and a software engineer?

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Mandy Sep 17 97 views

Why did you decide to get into psychology and what kinds of classes did you need to take in college to get the degree?

I was curious on what classes are needed and how long it took.

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Sep 16 154 views

How do you get into the field of computer science and is it worth it ?

I’m a senior in high-school and I though of persuading a career in computer science, but my problem is; will it be difficult for me to get a job afterwards and will it be worth it?

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Liberty Aug 22 203 views

what is a great college for those who would like to major in psychology?

i would like to major in psychology so i can help others to make sure they don’t feel alone .

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freya Aug 05 247 views

What is out-of-state college life like?

I start college soon but I am not sure if I want to go out of state

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Hossain Jun 16 488 views

How would someone write a good college app essay?

I want to know what specific details I would need to include to make up a good college essay. For example, would I need to keep it third person or should I try to maintain formality with a first-person point of view?

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Sanjana Jun 17 199 views

How do you know if a major is right for you? Do I pick priorities over desires?

I want to major in something that may not be the best when speaking in terms of my personal priorities.

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lili Jun 16 128 views

For an application to a university, do you need extracurricular activities?

I could not do any extracurricular activities due to transportation, but I heard universities are mainly looking for students who do them. Will that impact my chances of being accepted to a good university?

Fabrice’s Avatar
Fabrice May 10 187 views

what are the pros and cons of being a software engineer ?

My Name Is Fabrice and Im 18 years old