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Michel Adams

Executive Chef
Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
Menlo Park, California
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Szarelle May 30, 2023 235 views

What's a food highly requested by your customers?

For ex. Tacos, Burgers, Steak, or Fries

Szarelle’s Avatar
Szarelle May 30, 2023 455 views

When did you realize you wanted to become a head chef instead of a sous chef?

Mom had noodles and cooked them and they were tasty. Thats what inspired me

Szarelle’s Avatar
Szarelle May 30, 2023 337 views

Head chefs, What are the hardest challenges you go through while being head of your respected restaurants?

Chili Cheese Dog with Sour Cream and Extra cheese with ranch seasoning and guacamole.

Jerry’s Avatar
Jerry Apr 12, 2023 285 views

what school or program should i go to in San Francisco

I'm interested in going to school or program that teach how to cook or film in San Francisco

Rydell’s Avatar
Rydell May 16, 2023 313 views

When it comes to being a Head Chef of your own business or elsewhere, when is the best time to invest in your career?

Being Head Chef of your own business or for someone else's business is a big goal. With developing experience, I want to know what is a good way to take those risky step and fall in the decent situation if it goes bad, financially.