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Speeder Jul 06, 2023 327 views

How can I become successful?

Please come and share your tips on how to become successfull as a college student and a business standpoint.

leah’s Avatar
leah Jul 06, 2023 461 views

How do you find your passion and turn it into a career if you are interested in many things?

I've been really lost and don't really know what i want to pursue in college because i have many interests but i'm not sure which i like most

Clàudia’s Avatar
Clàudia Jul 08, 2023 463 views

How can I make friends at a new school and not be nervous?

Next year I'm going to another high school and even tho I know some people there I'm nervous because I don't know the majority of the people.

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Jul 03, 2023 481 views

How do I find good scholarships?

How do I find good scholarships?I have tried multiple websites and I can’t really find anything. I have a decent GPA but usually I do not fit any scholarships.

Smythsam’s Avatar
Smythsam Oct 16, 2020 478 views

How hard do you have to work to get to what your goal is?

I am a boy who loves to play #baseball a lot and I'm in love with it so much.

Deshawn’s Avatar
Deshawn Dec 18, 2017 1974 views

How do I gain experience to become a head basketball coach?

Hello, I'm an 18 yr old college student and for future reference, I was wondering what is the best route to go in order to become a head basketball coach. I want to coach the high school, college level, and hopefully one day the pros as I love the game and love to strategize. How should I...

Remi’s Avatar
Remi Jul 06, 2023 507 views

How many schools should I apply to?

How many dream schools and how many safety schools?

Bee’s Avatar
Bee Jul 06, 2023 366 views

What colleges would you recomend?

How and what college to get into

n’s Avatar
n Jul 06, 2023 509 views

How do i get into a top college?

I want to know what extracirriculars i can do to get into a top college

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Jul 08, 2023 262 views

What to do while preparing for college?

High school senior