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Mayuri Pandey

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Charlotte Apr 03 731 views

What is a successful Career ?

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I'm 14 years old grade 10th student. I want to have a successful Career but I don't even know what a successful Career is.

Alvin’s Avatar
Alvin Apr 04 486 views

How can i pass my exams with ease?

Just asking though

Alvin’s Avatar
Alvin Apr 04 560 views

Why is medicine a difficult career

Just asking though

Cam’s Avatar
Cam Jan 11 972 views

How many years of college and experience is there needed to become a computerprogrammer?

I want to learn about this

jonathan’s Avatar
jonathan Oct 18, 2023 205 views

im interested in farming and want to get into it ?

farming cost a lot to get into.

marcos’s Avatar
marcos Oct 18, 2023 398 views

how long did it take to get a job?

how many years did it take to finish college?

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Oct 09, 2023 343 views

How can I get legitimate scholarships as an international student?

I am a freshman and a STEM major. I am also an African international student.

Aden’s Avatar
Aden Oct 13, 2023 300 views

How many years of college will it take to become aerospace engineer ?

I am currently in 10th grade and looking at careers for the future.