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Chase Jan 10 676 views

How hard is it to be a police officer and how hard is it to pass the police academy?

I might want to be a police officer.

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Vanessa Nov 04, 2023 429 views

How to find an Accountant to interview ?

How can I find accountants to interview regarding their journey in the industry? It’s for a class project. I’ve tried looking and writing to accountants on LinkedIn but had no luck with replies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Jul 06, 2023 11181 views

Can anyone recommend a remote entry level job that does not have calling?

I live in a very loud house, I would prefer not to be calling customers, I think I could do conference calls with my coworkers but not customers. I have been looking and everything I find seems like a scam… linking to sketchy sites which want me to pay money to get a “certificate” or just...

ella’s Avatar
ella Dec 13, 2023 1054 views

What is the best career in the Finance field and why?

I am looking at different careers within Finance and I would like to hear your thoughts.

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jailiana Jan 16 834 views

How do i know i picked the right career for myself?

How do i know i picked the right career for myself?

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Jan 18 735 views

Where should I get A career advisor?

Am looking for a career advisor anywhere

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Kayla Jan 18 592 views

What am I supposed to do now?

I have applied to so many jobs and still have not gotten hired. I'm about to quit if I don't get anything else after I put my application in for maybe two more places. I've been trying so hard. There are things I want to buy and do for myself. I am tired of my parents and friends paying for me.