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Owynn Feb 23 942 views

How many hours will i work in air traffic controller?

i am still in 10th grade still doing research

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Kennedy Feb 25 520 views

How can I stand out for my nurse practitioner school interview?

What does the interviewer want to hear from the students applying to NP school

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Feb 24 684 views

Is it possible to get into Sports Management without a college degree?

what are the core skills needed to become a sports manager?

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Feb 25 417 views

What's the hardest part of your professional day?

When your at work, what part of your day do you find the hardest? Is it a project your working on? Or is it just a daily task?

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Chase Jan 22 540 views

what should i major in to be a police officer?

i want ot know

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Jan 22 448 views

how challenging would it be to go through police academy?

i want to be a police officer

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sara Jan 15 1554 views

Is using data for artificial intelligence automation the job of an artificial intelligence engineer?

How is a working day of an artificial intelligence engineer?

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chelsea Jan 22 773 views

What can I do to become a radiologist How can I meet the expectations of having a gpa of 3.4+? What would be the most challenging to become a radiology tech. ?

answer for this question?