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Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
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I want to be a medical malpractice lawyer or a corporate lawyer


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Maddie Feb 20 795 views

Do colleges like when you take 4 years of the same foreign langauge?

Hello, im a freshman in highschool and im building my schedule for next year (sophmore year), i really want to take spanish for all 4 years but alot of my friends are saying its dumb. I really want to get into a good college so i didn’t know if 4 years of spanish would help me! Thank you!!!

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Maddie Feb 19 624 views

What do I need to know as a freshman in highschool about college?

Hello, I am a freshman in highschool and my dream college is harvard. I want to be a medical malpractice lawyer and go for grad law at Harvard or Cornell and undergrad pre law/ major in psychology or political science at RMU or PSU. First off are these good schools? Am i dreaming too hard? Im a...