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Malaika Jan 05 375 views

What can I do to work towards my goal of become a neonatal nurse?

I live in Texas and will be going to University after summer for nursing. I wanted to know if I should maybe look into a summer program. It will also be helpful to list recommendations on what I can do over the summer and what I can do overall along my journey.

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Julia Feb 23 481 views

What are all the different careers you can do with a BSN degree More specifically, what are some of the travel opportunities that are available to RN's? What are the options nationally and internationally? ?

I am currently in school for nursing, and want to become more aware of all of the options available to RN's. I know there are so many jobs out there for nurses, and I want to learn about them all.

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karen Jan 25 674 views

What is the quickest way to become a registered nurse midwife? Does it help to have experience shadowing? If so, what are some more opportunities to make the process faster?

I want to know the quickest and most efficient way to get through this process of becoming a nurse midwife. Also, am I less likely to get a job opportunity if I go to online college for my BA? Thanks!

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CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 22 510 views

How to become a paramedic?

Tell us everything we need to do to become a paramedic.

Note: We've seen a lot of interest in this career, so we're looking for guidance from our community of professionals.

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James Feb 08 327 views

What do you do

I'm interested in joining a medical field but I'm not sure if being a nurse or admin is the way to go.

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Margaret Feb 21 353 views

what are some helpful pre-courses for nursing?

high school classes, extra college classes

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Ivy Feb 22 475 views

How can I overcome my fear of math and build the necessary skills for nursing Are there resources or support systems available for students like me who struggle with math?

I've been contemplating a major in nursing, but I'm grappling with the fact that math has always been a struggle for me. Throughout school, I've often felt embarrassed about my difficulties with math, to the point where seeking help became daunting. Despite my best efforts, I haven't grasped...

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Ashlynn Feb 06 612 views

How long do you go to college to be a Midwife?

I'm wanting to get advice from an actual Midwife because they went through the experience in college to become one.

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Margaret Feb 21 474 views

What are some learning experiences of nurses?

Things that you had to learn through trial and error, things you were taught in the workplace and not school.

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Margaret Feb 21 343 views

What does a day in the life of a nurse look like?

Hours worked on average, daily tasks.