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Teal May 12, 2014 2962 views

Should the idea of "do what you love" change in relevance to career searching change depending on your experience?

The notion of "do what you love" is a common idea behind a lot of answers, but I was wondering what should be the extent of this advice as relevant when you are first entering the job market verses when you are more experienced? #career-path #job-market #interests

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Teal May 09, 2014 3244 views

Is it better to have your resume demonstrate a variety of skills or great skill in the specific career you are pursuing?

I'm not entirely sure what career I want to end up in, but I have interests in working in theater(preferably backstage). So I was wondering if it helps to gear your resume towards the specific career you are working towards at that moment, or demonstrate a variety of skills you have accumulated...

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Teal Apr 30, 2014 1210 views

What would be a career path for someone who is considering a career in animal therapy or training?

I enjoy working with animals, and have been considering different options that allow this interaction. I do not want to be a veterinarian, but I do have interests in animal therapy or training, and I was wondering if there is any advice you could give or a path to look into during my college...

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Teal Apr 30, 2014 5875 views

If you don't know the language well, is studying abroad still a good idea?

I'm taking a beginners course in German, but do not really plan on studying it in college. I am interested in possibly studying abroad there as the culture interests me, so I was wondering if no knowing the language well/only knowing the very basics would be a reason to look into studying...

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Teal Apr 30, 2014 1532 views

Does it help to start off in a career that pays well, rather than searching for your dream job?

I know college results in debt, so I was wondering: in the long run would it be worth it to find a job in a subject you like(but aren't overly fond of) and use that to become more financially stable, then find a career you are very passionate about? #finance #debt #multiple-interests

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Teal Apr 29, 2014 1227 views

Do possible employers look at all the schools you've attended?

How far back do employees look into your education? Is it more important to attend a bigger name graduate school to make up for a lesser known undergraduate or attend a more well established undergraduate school for it's reputation in a field? #employment-opportunities #employment-discrimination

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Teal Apr 29, 2014 1238 views

Does the age of the college or university make a difference to employers?

Does being a longer established school make a difference on how possible employers view you? #college #university

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Teal Apr 29, 2014 1094 views

Would getting an internship in a career you don't entirely plan on following beneficial in the long run?

Work experience is very important in getting a job, but when you have very little work experience in the field you want to pursue, would internships in other fields be helpful in different fields? How separate should the difference be between the fields to be considered applicable #internship...

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Teal Apr 29, 2014 1109 views

What are personal interactions within the workplace like within the psychology field?

Because psychology is a very private interaction with patients, how exclusive are the interactions within the workplace? #psychology

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Teal Apr 29, 2014 2333 views

How difficult is it to change careers?

I'm a senior in high school and upon entering college I am becoming more and more worried about my future. I don't really know what I want to study in or make into a career path, so I was wondering how locked in are you once you declare a major and begin your career path? #science #majors...

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Teal Apr 29, 2014 2107 views

How strongly should the financial aspect of a career impact what I decide to study?

I have a love of theater, specifically being backstage rather than acting, but I know it is a very shaky business both in terms of job availability and financial stability. My plan for college would be to either double major in theater and a more established major, probably a physical science,...

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Teal Apr 29, 2014 2381 views

How does studying abroad effect your career?

I'm a senior in high school and I am debating whether or not to study abroad and how it will impact my education for a career. I am considering majoring in theater or psychology, and I want to know how studying abroad will impact my studies. What are the benefits and drawbacks of studying in...

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Teal Apr 22, 2014 1488 views

What majors are available for people who want a career backstage rather than on one?

I'm a senior in high school and am trying to decide what to major in in college. I enjoy working backstage at theatrical performances, but I don't want to major in theater. I know there are careers in costume design, set design, stage manager, etc... but I don't know what majors could help me...

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Teal Apr 22, 2014 5081 views

Are there any careers that could combine a psychology major and a love of theater?

I am a senior in high school and have always had a fondness for theater, specifically the behind the scenes work rather than actually performing. Recently I have been thinking about possible majors and career paths certain majors could open up for me and, although I love theater, I don't think...