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Mario’s Avatar
Mario Dec 19, 2014 2941 views

What social benefits come with being a software engineer?

I really enjoy meeting new people. I also enjoy working in groups. If i like to socialize and meet new people, is being a software engineer a good idea? #software #work #environment

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Dec 16, 2014 3362 views

How long does it take to get a PHD or Doctorate in the sciences?

I love to learn and wish to receive the highest level of research education as possible. I also love to travel around the world so I was curious about how long each degree would require #science #astronomy #astrophysics #science-phd #doctorate

Francilia’s Avatar
Francilia Oct 02, 2014 2490 views

What are some of the most lucrative careers in the Information Technologies field ?

I want to join this career and be successful and don't know where to start. #technology #information-technology

Marcos’s Avatar
Marcos Apr 10, 2014 1703 views

Is being a therapist a steady job?

What happens if no one is having problems? Or not enough people at least? #psychology #therapy

Mimi’s Avatar
Mimi Aug 28, 2014 1904 views

Bilinguall; any job

A lot of people have been telling me that if you can speak another language, it will be better and easier, (and quicker) for me to get a job. Is that really true? I'm 16, and I just do not care where I work. I would like to get my CDA for early child development, but I am not sure of what to...

Eddie’s Avatar
Eddie Jul 25, 2014 44702 views

Can someone describe a normal day working as a computer science?

I want to become a computer scientist, but I want to know what is a normal day for a computer scientist is like. Also, I want to know how does it feel to work in a big company such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, etc. #computer-science #computer #computer-engineer