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Raven’s Career Stories

In layperson terms, what do you actually do at work?

I tutor students in whatever subject they may need extra help in and keep track of their progress while encouraging them to continue to push forward and improve themselves. Teach organization skills and also help with studying technique.

What is the most useful piece of career advice you got as a student, and who gave it to you?

To always be true to myself and follow my passion, if you love what you're doing then it's not work. My mom told me this and I live by it!

What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome to get to where you are now professionally? How did you overcome it?

It is very important to learn how to deal with different personalities and egos especially in the work/ professional world. You learn to be a chameleon and adapt to all environments and all the personalities in them.

How did you pick your career? Did you know all along?

I've always mentored and tutored, it's something I enjoy doing and I feel such a sense of pride when I see my students succeed. It's one of the best feeling ever and to see the excitement they have and how proud of themselves they are, amazing.

When you were a student, did you do anything outside of school to build skills or get knowledge that has helped your career?

Outside of school my personal life granted me with much life experiences and world experiences in general and that actually helped me build character and shaped me into the person I am today. I was always involved in sports and my hobbies we always introverted based: lots of reading, writing, researching, I was a home body but always interested in learning something new.

How did you start building your network?

I like to say I'm socially anti-social, it's not hard for me to start a conversation with anyone or to explore things that peak my interest. I'm talkative so I get out there and network myself because you are your brand.

What is the one piece of career advice you wish someone gave you when you were younger?

A career starts at any age, not just at college or high school level and entrepreneurship is a great way to go.

When did you get your first Big Break? How did you get it? How did it go?

Sometimes it's who you know and thankfully my mom knows a lot of people that were able to offer me great advice and allowed me to shadow them. Also investment is key find people that are willing to invest in you and your vision.

What is it like when your job gets tough?

Tutoring doesn't really get to tough, however I am an entrepreneur and that journey gets tough, there are always bumps in the road but you have to be patient and trust the process. Never give up on you and what you want to accomplish.

Did anyone ever oppose your career plans when you were young or push you in a direction you did not want to go?

Not really, but we do live in a time where there are lots of people who will tell you you can't, don't believe them. You can do anything as long as you work hard and put your mind to it. What works for one person doesn't work for another so don't allow anyone to deter you.