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Kali Odell

Academic Advisor, School of Public Policy at Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon
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Isabella Oct 20 116 views

How to find the right career/major for you.?

I don’t know what to choose for my major and I really need to know. I am in high school and I still don’t know what to choose for my future life.

Simran’s Avatar
Simran Jun 30 192 views

How to network and build connections in the field of Biology as an introvert or a person who is shy to approach people?

Being an international student in a new country, it is hard to form connections in the field of my choice. I wonder how I can to do this to increase my academic and job prospects in the future.

Susan’s Avatar
Susan May 29 186 views

How to create a resume if you do not have “enough” experiences (How to beef up my resume)?

I’m currently a high schooler trying to apply to jobs and internships.

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Apr 13 238 views

How do you make your resume to look more professional ?

I am making a professional resume but it doesn't look that professional and I don't know how to fix that.

Sai V’s Avatar
Sai V Mar 31 202 views

Summer- internship?

Hi, I am looking for a good internship I. My local area, I am in high school so it is hard to find a intern. Can anyone help me?

Milan’s Avatar
Milan Mar 27 205 views

What do I do to find a job in the business field without it being so daunting?

The business field is so broad and I don't how to narrow my searches.

KiranAdele’s Avatar
KiranAdele Mar 26 259 views

How do you find your own unique major or passion to study in college?

I’ve always wanted to study something that would spark my interests, but I don’t know how to do that. Would taking more electives or different classes help? What would you suggest?

Amyah’s Avatar
Amyah May 24, 2021 472 views

When going to law school, what is the workload and how can I get accepted after I graduate ?

#lawschool #judge

Marquis’s Avatar
Marquis Apr 16, 2021 528 views

How did you first realize what career you enjoyed?

I cant seem to think of a area I would enjoy working in. I tried to base it on liked/disliked subjects but still no luck #business #jobs #career

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Jul 22, 2020 408 views

What are some common mistake made in applying to college?

#college #college-prep

Joe’s Avatar
Joe Mar 02, 2020 430 views

If I am getting my undergraduate degree with plans to move on to law school, should I worry about how "prestigious" my undergraduate degree looks on a law school application?

I am a senior in high school and my interests are fairly wide-ranging. I plan on eventually attending law school, but I am undecided on school I will attend and undergraduate major. I have been thinking about cost, and my ACT scores and GPA would easily fetch me full tuition at a plethora of...