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Kali Odell

Academic Advisor, School of Public Policy at Oregon State University
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Corvallis, OR
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Joe J. Mar 02, 2020 233 views

If I am getting my undergraduate degree with plans to move on to law school, should I worry about how "prestigious" my undergraduate degree looks on a law school application?

I am a senior in high school and my interests are fairly wide-ranging. I plan on eventually attending law school, but I am undecided on school I will attend and undergraduate major. I have been thinking about cost, and my ACT scores and GPA would easily fetch me full tuition at a plethora of...

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Marquis W. Apr 16 247 views

How did you first realize what career you enjoyed?

I cant seem to think of a area I would enjoy working in. I tried to base it on liked/disliked subjects but still no luck business jobs...