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M.Ed. (TESOL)., Online Remote Adult Education Teacher, Educator & Facilitator.
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Devyn’s Avatar
Devyn Apr 13, 2018 569 views

How do I know if the # College I chose is given me the #education need for my career choice?

Will the # College I chose properly prepare me for the #work force?

natasha’s Avatar
natasha Jul 23, 2021 729 views

will i be able to become a real estate agent at 17 years old?

im determined to do anything possible for a better life and future and im willing to work really hard to archive that #career-path #work

Zizipho’s Avatar
Zizipho Jun 26, 2021 438 views

What kind of job will I get, full time or part time?

I'm a hard worker, a people's person and I am good at communicating with people #job #work

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Jul 15, 2021 756 views

What are the job options for a computer researcher and information scientist?

#computer-science #information-technology #computer-engineer

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Nov 28, 2019 1062 views

I’m a 20 year old street smart fit male, I don’t know what I want to do, any ideas?

I have a background in every sport
I have great salesman skills
I have great street smarts
I have great leadership sales #sports #sports-management #business #work

Tobi’s Avatar
Tobi Jun 13, 2021 591 views

Becoming a special education itenerant teacher

-get bachelor degree
-get master's degree
-gain experience working with children.
- work with children on an individual level #special-education

Madeleine’s Avatar
Madeleine Jun 16, 2021 529 views

what if you have too much to do but you want to do it all?

#college #school #work

Daysha’s Avatar
Daysha Jun 17, 2021 509 views

How do I find a part time job?

I'm a student going into my senior year and I'm looking to get a part time job so that I can support myself a little, but I don't know where to start. #job #work #internship #job-search

Ehood’s Avatar
Ehood Jun 17, 2021 463 views

How can I get to my career goal?

I always like to get help from others and every time you’re more. #work

Abi’s Avatar
Abi Jun 09, 2021 540 views

What is career village about?

Funny, caring, great listener, I live to braid hair and hair have fun live everyday like it’s your last #money #fun #hotgirlsummer

Theresa’s Avatar
Theresa May 26, 2021 352 views

What do you study as a biochemist?/ what are you currently researching?

I need it because of an assignment I'm currently working on. #biochemist

Sashmita’s Avatar
Sashmita Jun 08, 2021 914 views

I m confused about changing my career at the age of 28. Although I don't have much experience in my present career. I am 28 years and married.What to do?

#career I have completed my post graduation in civil engineering. I was having a job. But I left it after doing it for 6 months. Then I started preparing for government exam. But now I am want to change my career option, I want to do work in digital marketing field. I am presently working on...

Kritika’s Avatar
Kritika Jun 06, 2021 441 views

What subject should I choose in class 11 as I am not interested in science?


Tasnia’s Avatar
Tasnia Jun 04, 2021 507 views

What are the first steps in determining a career path?

I am a junior in highschool and college applications are opening soon. #college #college-advice #career #career-choice #college-applications

Angelica’s Avatar
Angelica Jun 02, 2021 451 views

What is the most challenging aspect as a senior associate accountant?

I am currently taking ABM strand in this time of pandemic yet the discussions and modules are useless because I cannot understand all of them and no one's helping me out. #mathematics #statistics