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Ahnna W. Jan 21, 2018 250 views

Is college really worth it?

I understand the need for a further education in order to preform skills at higher paying jobs, but is having the debt of college loans and spending all that time really worth it in the long run? Neither of my parents finished college and they seem to be doing more than fine, but they also...

#success #payingforcollege #isitworththerisk

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Yamelyn L. Aug 30, 2019 78 views

What are the employers looking for in Realtors?

My name is Yamelyn I'm 17 years old I'm currently attending Job Corps in El Paso, Texas and will soon be attending an Office Administration class. I took a business class at the last school I was attending and learned much useful information but I would like to know what employers would be...


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frank J. Nov 05, 2019 91 views
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Matt C. Nov 28, 2019 186 views

I’m a 20 year old street smart fit male, I don’t know what I want to do, any ideas?

I have a background in every sport I have great salesman skills I have great street smarts I have great leadership sales #sports #sports-management #business...


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D L. Mar 05 197 views

Areas of employment

I will be graduated in June 2020 with a BBA in Finance minor in communication studies. I also have a background in Life Sciences in Taiwan. I need people from different perspective advice on how can I combined what I have to create something new or the potential industry that I can look into...

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