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Christian C. Sep 11, 2019 69 views
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Brenden S. Sep 16, 2019 111 views

I would like to know if coding could be done at home (basically, a stay at home job)

I am Brenden. I am in 8th grade & I am very intrigued by coding whatever the circumstance whether it's for a website or a smart program. #coding...


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Samsuzzoha Z. Oct 11, 2019 124 views
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Jazmine S. Oct 15, 2019 93 views

Before you knew about your career, what is something that you wished you knew (but didn't) when you first joined that career path?

I wished I actually knew that being a construction engineer required of what the clients wanted on their houses instead of being creative on my own. #career #engineering #engineer...


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Antonio O. Oct 21, 2019 133 views

Should I have any experience prior to taking classes for careers on computer coding?

I know how to use a computer, doing the day to day tasks but I've never used any coding language programs and explored it....