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James Phillips

Digital Risk Solutions Experienced Associate
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
New Hartford, Connecticut
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Elizabeth Oct 02, 2018 1186 views

In your opinion, where would be the best place to work as an accountant?

#business #accounting

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Adalberto Apr 05, 2019 1501 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter the field of accounting?

#accounting #business #finance #accountant

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Deja Sep 10, 2019 1276 views

How do most people enter the profession of accounting

#accounting #business #accountant #any #marketing

Deja’s Avatar
Deja Sep 10, 2019 611 views

Why would people leave the industry of accounting

#accounting #business #financial-accounting

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Anaya Sep 17, 2019 785 views

What parts of your job do you find challenging

#business #accounting #finance

Abdulwahab’s Avatar
Abdulwahab Jan 28, 2017 1859 views

Is multi-tasking a skill that is required for this job?

I am interested in working in the major of Finance. Is multi-tasking a part of it? #business #finance #accounting #personal-development #career-details

Anaya’s Avatar
Anaya Sep 17, 2019 1329 views

Would the work involve any lifestyle changes

#accounting #accountant #financial-accounting

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Sep 23, 2019 1150 views

Is this field growing enough so that there's room for someone like me?

#accounting #finance #financial-accounting #business

Jeff’s Avatar
Jeff Mar 16, 2016 2542 views

Does every investment manager have their CPA certification?

Do you get paid better because of it? What services can you provide that you otherwise could not without a CPA? #finance #accounting #financial-services #investment-management #investing #cpa

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin May 15, 2016 2144 views

What is the probability of paying off student loans in 10 years or less becoming a CPA?

Well being a US student, I am apart of the trillions of dollars of debt placed on the student population in the country. I want to know if becoming a CPA will free me from the bondages of debt for choosing to educate myself beyond high school. #business #finance #management #accounting...

Esther’s Avatar
Esther Mar 14, 2017 7277 views

Besides a high GPA, what extracurricular or activities do the big 4 firms like to see?

As an accounting major, my target dream employer is of course the big 4 firms. I was told recently that grades are the first thing that they look at before even considering everything else, so I am shifting gear to focus on that. However, I am now wondering what sort of extracurricular or...

Esther’s Avatar
Esther May 24, 2017 2997 views

What do you do working as an intern in a CPA firm?

I got an internship at a CPA firm, but am very nervous to start something so professional. Thus, I was wondering as an assistant/intern what would some of the usual and main responsibilities be at the CPA firm? #accounting #internships #accountant #cpa #quickbooks #career-details

Arturo’s Avatar
Arturo Jan 16, 2018 3288 views

How is the CPA exam?

I was just wondering if someone can tell me what is the CPA exam like #accounting #cpa

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Mar 11, 2018 1159 views

What should I expect my work life to be like when I become a CPA?

I'm currently in college majoring in Accounting but I don't have any previous experience with this kind of job. I'm curious about what a day in the life of a certified public accountant looks like. #cpa

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Mar 22, 2019 5510 views

How do I get an opportunity to intern in one of the Big Four accounting firms?

I am currently majoring in Accounting and I will be a Junior next semester (Fall 2019). I am really interested in interning in one of the Big Four (KPMG, YE, PWC, and Deloitte). There are locations near me and I have started applying to two of them, but what do these firms look for in a...