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New Hartford, Connecticut

Within 40 mile radius
Jen’s Avatar
Jen Jun 01 1527 views

How do I be successful in the Business Major ?

I took a few gap years and need help getting back into the groove of university. What are some tips to help me stay focused in getting my 4 year degree?

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian May 03 407 views

I am interested in being a psychologist. I work best in an environment with a chance to work one on one or alone, with a nice routine, and knowing what my responsibilities are for my work. Is this a good fit for me ?

I have already gotten responses on my last question that think psychology is a good choice so I'm wondering if it's still true with new information.

Lillian’s Avatar
Lillian May 02 451 views

I am interested in becoming a psychologist. I value health, equality, and money. Will this career path align with my values ?

I am interested in becoming a psychologist. I value health, equality, and money. Will this career path align with my values?

kiaya’s Avatar
kiaya Apr 29 297 views

Hi, I'm a sophomore student at Wachonah Regional High School. How does the college application system work and when do you start applying for colleges? When and who will help me start my path to finding and applying for colleges?

Is applying for colleges more of a lead path for everyone, or does everyone experience something different when it comes to college, how do I know what colleges I could be eligible to get into?

Philip’s Avatar
Philip Apr 27 219 views

Electrical electronics and engineering ?

What technical institutions are available for hands-on electrical engineering

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Apr 26 448 views

How would you describe work in a hospital?

I'm interested in nursing, but locations near me require students to be 18 in order to intern, so I don't know have very much experience in the environment. Any advice would be really appreciated!

Bryana’s Avatar
Bryana Apr 26 321 views

How do you find the balance between choosing a financially rewarding but also emotionally fulfilling career?

I'm a Mexican first-generation high school senior who needs guidance on this topic specifically.

Aleksandra’s Avatar
Aleksandra Apr 26 214 views

How did you decide which states you would get an optometry license for?

I plan on living in New England after I graduate from optometry school in 2027, but am unsure exactly where I will end up. Did you receive an optometry license in one or multiple states, and why?

Shira’s Avatar
Shira Apr 25 629 views

What jobs are best for people (me) who want to deal with all the technology and behind the scenes of film/tv?

I am going to college for film/tv/digital media production and was wondering what are all the jobs I can get out of it that are super technical and less screenwriting and such.


hannah’s Avatar
hannah Apr 21 335 views

what his the best career options for someone interested in psych and law?

I'm really interested in legal aspects as well as psychology

Femy’s Avatar
Femy Apr 11 216 views

How to get better in chemistry ?

I just have to get better

Brandyn’s Avatar
Brandyn Mar 28 441 views

What type of education should I do and how much of it?

I want to run my own Excavation, Construction, and Landscaping Company and I have the physical experience for the job and tasks but what type of business education/schooling should I pursue before I continue my career and how much should I do?

Brandyn’s Avatar
Brandyn Mar 06 911 views

I am interested in running my own excavation/ landscaping/ construction business. I work best in an environment with management, time flexibility, and variety.

Is this a good fit for me?

Brandyn’s Avatar
Brandyn Mar 06 575 views

I am interested in running my own excavation/ landscaping/construction company. I value money, family/friends, and creativity. Will this career path align with my values?

Is this a good career?

Janavi’s Avatar
Janavi Feb 12 1927 views

Does band and arts give you an advantage for college, even if music isn't your major or minor?

Next year, I'm in the 9th grade and I would like to major in either Pre-Med or Biology. I also take band and I'm in the marching band and planning to take it for the next 4 years. I'm wondering if that factor will give me an edge on my college application and if it will benefit me later. Thanks!

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