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SENNAM’s Avatar
SENNAM May 28, 2016 950 views

In today's society, being a specialist or a family medicine practicioner, which is more suitable?

I am asking this question because I am planning on becoming a medical doctor but I am not sure if I want to specialize or practice family medicine. #medicine #family-medicine

Anina’s Avatar
Anina May 04, 2016 1173 views

Do you recommend taking a gap year before medical school?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. I have a few friends who are starting to finish college, and the pre-meds seem to be evenly split between those who are applying to medical school, and those who are taking a gap year before applications. What are...

Krishna’s Avatar
Krishna Sep 29, 2016 939 views

What are the various career options availae in the field of biology other than research and teaching?

Diffrenet career options in biology other than research, teaching and medicine? #biotechnology #evolutionary-biology

Mithun’s Avatar
Mithun Jun 03, 2016 1136 views

Want to know what are the top colleges for MBBS?

Hello I'm Mithun a 10th grader from a school in Bangalore. I'm interested in perusing MBBS, want to know the best/top colleges for this course in India and in Bangalore.
#doctor #medicine #doctorate-degree #mbbs

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Aug 20, 2016 1127 views

Is it unnecessary to go to an expensive and prestigious undergraduate college when planning on attending medical school?

If you need a high GPA to get into medical school, would it be better to choose a state school with the potential to get a higher GPA? #medicine #pediatrics #medical-school #undergraduate #gpa

Kaviya’s Avatar
Kaviya Apr 21, 2016 1257 views

How many sections are there in the medical field?

i am govt student in 12 th at biology group.i dont know how meny sections in medical field?.plz tell me something in medical field #doctor #medicine #education-professions

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Aug 27, 2016 63957 views

Can I major in business and go on to medical school?

Is this is a challenging path or would it leave me unprepared for the MCAT?

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Aug 21, 2016 1222 views

When trying to diagnose a patient, what are the step taken to actually diagnose and give the right diagnosis of the patient?

I always feel like it's difficult for a physician to diagnose a patient, because, for me, I feel that there are many steps that must be taken to properly diagnose a patient and to give or recommend them for the proper treatment #doctor #medicine #nurse #pre-med #registered-nurses #doctorate-degree

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Aug 18, 2016 1192 views

What is it like being an anesthesiologist?

I plan to become an anesthesiologist but people have said that you don't get much interaction with patients (which I love). So I want to know what it is like being an anesthesiologist and whether I should change my career choice? #doctor #medicine #teacher -education

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jul 04, 2016 1120 views

How much money does a medical student have to pay throughout her entire education?

Including undergraduate and medical school education. #medicine #money #pre-med

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Jun 15, 2015 1783 views

What type of program they have for singing vocalist in New York City

I want to ask this question because I really want to get some where with my music and one day be a singer :) #music #art #singer #singing #program #performing