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Matthew T. Jan 17, 2018 386 views

What is most important for me to do now to prepare for applying to medical school?

I’m planning to get my undergrad and apply to go to medical school. I know this can be a big, difficult process, so I want to be preparing now to have the greatest chance of being successful. What things can I do and be involved in to be best prepared for that application process? #medicine...

#medical-school #biology #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare

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Anisa D. Apr 07, 2020 556 views

I want to work in the BAU but I need some guidance

So, I've tried to look up tons of stuff about the different unit, descriptions of stuff they do, etc. I can't seem to find the answers to a lot of my questions though. Fair warning, there are a lot. So to start, which unit deals with the most cases? Which unit deals with the serial killers,...

#criminal-justice #law #bau #psychology #law-enforcement #fbi

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chizaram A. Apr 22, 2020 133 views

What can I do with a bachelors of biomedical sciences major?

Hi, I am a current high school student who would love to major in biomedical sciences next year in college. I wish to work with children, as a pediatrician or something of that field. However, I don’t want to do lab-based work with my degree before attending medical school. I’m still also...

#college #doctor #medicine #biology #healthcare

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Paige F. Apr 22, 2020 128 views

how long will i have to go to college to become a peditrician? and what schools will be best for me to go to to get a good education?

i love taking care of people, just knowing that im helping them feel better makes me feel better as a person. especially kids, i love helping them feel better and to see a smile on there face, and to just know that they are happy #college #education...