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Gipsaris’s Avatar
Gipsaris 7 hours ago 75 views

would it be worth it to become a neurosurgeon?

I've been thinking recently ever since I decided that I wanted to be a neurosurgeon a few months ago, would the job really be worth it? sure they get paid a lot, but the hours would be excruciating. Not only that but the training they have is extremely difficult and intense. It'll also take a...

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah 7 hours ago 56 views

What is the best nursing job to have?

Hi my name is Savannah and i have wanted to be in the Medical Field for a while now. I went from wanting to be a pediatrician to a veterinarian but now i just want to be a nurse. The type of nurse is what i'm struggling with, i've heard about some but i want to know the pros and cons of them...

Jayleen’s Avatar
Jayleen 7 hours ago 71 views

what skills do you find useful in the study of psychology and what are the pros and cons?

i want to study psychology but i know there are a lot of cons to it. for example there’s a lot of years in college and training. I also know that it can mess up your mental health, but what are the pros?

Keariah’s Avatar
Keariah 9 hours ago 14 views

What is the best field to go into for health care ?

What is the best field to go in health care ?
Hey, I'm in the 11th grader at Northwestern high school in RockHill Sc when I graduate I would like to get my real estate license the summer before I go to collage I would like to attend a HBCU and major in nursing

emily’s Avatar
emily 12 hours ago 94 views

What things should I get involved with to help me make sure I chose the right major in college? I chose education but am going to be starting with a dual major of elementary education adn secondary education science because I want to teach and love science but am not sure what grade level.

I love science especially environmental science and animals. I want to teach like both my parents. I am not sure what grade level though. I like little kids but also have enjoyed my high school years. I want to be able to share with kids the things that I learned having to do with the...

Anna Grace’s Avatar
Anna Grace 12 hours ago 81 views

How to I prepare best for my future ?

I am interested in a pharmaceutical career path, what classes and out of school activities can I do, to best prepare myself for my future?

Alexia’s Avatar
Alexia yesterday 199 views

How do I trust that I can succeed in my field after hearing that multiple people have failed in it how do I continue to have faith and follow my passion?

Every time I tell someone what I want to study, they approach me with negativity and say that it’s hard they know people who didn’t fail and one time I even rethought my major completely I want to be a medium manager for a sports team or just a marketing manager for sports team. I want to do...

Kendall’s Avatar
Kendall yesterday 100 views

What resilience-building strategies should one use, and how should one anticipate overcoming setbacks and difficulties along the way?

When thinking about our futures as college students, how can we manage ourselves successfully? So many things are thrown at us at once that we must navigate and learn through.

unknown’s Avatar
unknown yesterday 79 views

How do you know what major to choose from if you want to become a Labor and delivery nurse ?

I am in the 10th grade and i wanted to know this before i go to college so i can be prepared in what i am going to be doing for the rest of my life. I want to attend a preview A and M university because it has a good nursing school.

Damien’s Avatar
Damien yesterday 203 views

What would be a good fit for myself?

I am interested in being a barber. I work best in an environment with time flexibility, teamwork, and fast pace. Is this a good fit for me?

Bremen’s Avatar
Bremen yesterday 208 views

How do i become a successful career guider??

How do I become a successful career guider?

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle 2 days ago 110 views

Why is it Important for people to get a career in order to get job?

Can you have more than one career path in order to get jobs because I think that it's important to have careers that you want to do and I want to become a perfrom

John’s Avatar
John May 18 449 views

Why do engineers struggle to get jobs and market themselves ?

Most engineers find themselves stuck after graduating because they do not know how to market themselves and this is concerning because they need to know the steps on how to be successful

Mary’s Avatar
Mary May 16 206 views

What are some careers that come from a Forensic Psychology degree? Also, what is the path like to becoming a court interpreter?

I’m a freshman in college, currently struggling to find a passion in a topic, so knowing the careers would be helpful in solidifying my decisions for my future.

Odunayo’s Avatar
Odunayo May 15 190 views

How can I decide or choose a career if I have many interests and hobbies?

I have an interest in writing and enjoy literature but I also want to dive into the sciences. This is making the decision quite tough for me right now

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