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Mackenzie E.’s Avatar
Mackenzie E. Mar 09, 2018 264 views

Are there any tips for working in the Travel Industry?

I'm interested in becoming a Travel Agent. I'd like to know if you have any tips for this particular career or any tips for anything similar to this career. Thanks! #travel-agency...


TerrellCodman3 .’s Avatar
TerrellCodman3 . Jan 17, 2012 1688 views
Madelynne S.’s Avatar
Madelynne S. Jul 29, 2020 246 views

What are some tips for preparing for a future career while in college?

I am a college student and wondering what are some practical steps I can take right now to prepare for my future and my career after I graduate. What are some ways that I can build my resume and gain experience while still managing and doing well in school? #career #prepared #july #july20...


daneke J.’s Avatar
daneke J. Apr 17, 2019 297 views

should i go to college or go straight into the work force?

I am an easy going person, i'm very determined, i catch on fast, sometimes i procastinate, i'm nice, i i think to much, i will eaisly get distracted...


dat C.’s Avatar
dat C. Jan 17, 2018 348 views

What is the level of difficulty I am willingly to face to get what I want?

I am a university student with computer science as my major at CSUS, and I am planning to transfer to UNR with a 3.1 GPA. I do well on programming assignments but when I face a difficult program, I question myself if I am good enough for a degree in computer science and for the high demanding...

#computer-science #technology

TerrellCodman3 .’s Avatar
TerrellCodman3 . Oct 25, 2012 1688 views
M C.’s Avatar
M C. May 23, 2018 280 views

Any suggestions on memorizing overwhelming amounts of information effectively and efficiently?

No matter how much I try to prep early for my tests, I always become overwhelmed when studying for my tests for the sheer amount of things I need to memorize in a short amount of time. It doesn't help that my professors would only tell us what topics are on the exams less than a week before...

#study-tips #study

Juno Elsa O.’s Avatar
Juno Elsa O. May 20, 2020 567 views

Jobs, Volunteering, and Internships

Hi there! I’m currently an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and hope to find an internship sometime during the upcoming school year. However, I don’t have a ton of work/volunteer experience and I was wondering where I could find some job/work opportunities. I was also wondering if...

#volunteer #psychology #internship #undergraduate #firstjob

Nick P.’s Avatar
Nick P. May 05, 2016 714 views

As a System Adminstrator, what kind of tasks do you complete on a regular basis?

I have been thinking about pursuing a bachelor degree in Computer Science. For the last few years I have been working on programming in C++ and Java, but recently I moved to working with computer systems themselves. During the summer I installed a few Linux systems onto a Raspberry Pi and...

#computer-networking #computer-science #computer #system-administration

Augusta I.’s Avatar
Augusta I. Dec 26, 2013 854 views
Augusta I.’s Avatar
Augusta I. Apr 26, 2016 1257 views

What does an entry-level engineering job look like?

Could you specify if you had previous experience, i.e. an internship, co-op, part-time job, before graduating? #engineering...


TashinaCodman1 .’s Avatar
TashinaCodman1 . Sep 24, 2012 1185 views

What is it like being a CEO?

Hi. I want to know how is it like working for a business person like sitting in the office filing paper and all. I know it takes a hard worker to do everything in one day, But what is the quality of work you do and if so how much will you get paid? #business...


Augusta I.’s Avatar
Augusta I. Jul 25, 2014 1011 views

Are there downsides to hiring someone who graduated from an HBCU (Historically Black College/University)?

I just wanted to know if all graduates are looked at as qualified no matter what school they attended or if students from certain schools look more qualified #college #jobs #university #hbcu...


Brian F.’s Avatar
Brian F. May 24, 2018 444 views

Computer science college graduates do-over?

For those working in technology, is there anything you wish you took the time to learn in college now that you have graduated that you believe would have helped you now that you are working in your field. Like a non required classes or a minor or something? #college-minor #college-classes...

#computer-science #college #technology

Augusta I.’s Avatar
Augusta I. Jan 19, 2018 501 views

What are some steps that I can take to become a White Hacker?

I am almost done with my undergraduate degree in Applied Computing Technology (Computer Science and Business) and I wanted to know if there are steps I should take to right now to make it into this profession. Thank you.#technology #tech #information-technology...

#information-technology-and-services #job #career #hacking #professional #university #ethical-hacking #college

Britney Y.’s Avatar
Britney Y. Mar 11, 2017 593 views

What jobs are offered in the field of Mechanical Engineering?

I am interested in the field of Mechanical Engineering but I'm not familiar with what jobs are offered. I would really appreciate any information that could help me explore further into this field. #engineering...


Tyler D.’s Avatar
Tyler D. Dec 07, 2020 268 views

My severe fear of being poor for the rest of my life, is prohibiting me for going after my dreams. What can I do?

I come from a very poor family. I'm the oldest of 10 kids, and both my parents work blue collar jobs. We were absolutely broke. We didn't have a working car until later in my life. They couldn't afford to pay bills. We got christmas gifts from our local church. We struggled. Growing up, I knew...

#career #director #screenwriter #film #fear #entertainment

J F.’s Avatar
J F. May 25, 2016 526 views
Tyler D.’s Avatar
Tyler D. Nov 05, 2020 361 views

I feel like a total failure. How do I move on from here?

In high school, I got good grades. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA. I got into some great colleges like NYU tisch, Syracuse, Pitt, UConn, PSU, etc. I'm the oldest of 10 kids, and from a poor family. My dads a janitor, and my mom is a waitress. I needed $7k/year to go to pitt (After FAFSA). My...

#film #life #college #general

Britney Y.’s Avatar
Britney Y. Nov 15, 2017 1022 views

Introverts in Engineering?

I'm curious about whether which engineering majors require more presenting and talking to large groups in both college/university and the real world. I just heard that mechanical has a lot of presenting ideas and would like to know about the other engineering majors. #engineering...

#civil-engineering #mechanical-engineering #software-engineering #industrial-engineering #chemical-engineer

TerrellCodman3 .’s Avatar
TerrellCodman3 . Jan 10, 2012 2749 views
Sohaib A.’s Avatar
Sohaib A. Jan 18, 2018 337 views

How much will my ACT effect my chances for success?

I have been studying a lot for the ACT and I have been improving, but I am not a great standardized test-taker and the reading section is what hurts me the most. Will having a score in the lower thirties negatively impact my chance for success? #act #exam #standardized-testing #entrance-exams...

#test-prep #studying-tips #studying

Britney Y.’s Avatar
Britney Y. Mar 12, 2017 3450 views

What type of engineering field uses CAD software?

I would like to know about what specific field that uses CAD software. I'm interested in this field and would like to know how designing with CAD could be a career. Does it pay well? What are the different companies offering positions with designing with CAD? #engineering #cad...


Augusta I.’s Avatar
Augusta I. Apr 26, 2016 2241 views

How did you move on after failing your first college course?

As the semester is ending. I will have officially failed my first college course related to my major. It seems like the end of the world to me but that's because I overreact most of the time. Failing has slowed my motivation to continue with college. I just want to know how anyone who has been...

#failure #engineering #classes #engineer #stem #college-student #college

Britney Y.’s Avatar
Britney Y. Apr 09, 2018 584 views

Can someone offer me some insight into Management Information Systems (MIS)?

I was looking at some possible fields that I want to major in and MIS seemed very compelling. I heard it's a mix of technology and business and wanted to learn some more about it. Could someone tell me what exactly a person in the field might do with an MIS degree? Also, which areas would MIS...

#mis #information-technology #technology

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