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College Station, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Mason’s Avatar
Mason Jan 18, 2018 678 views

What are some easy ways to network and create relationships in college with people that have similar interests as myself?

I plan on attending a large public university, so there will obviously be other students that I have similar interests with. However, I have noticed that college students tend to keep to themselves. Knowing different programs and organizations that will promote deep relationships with other...

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Jan 18, 2018 559 views

What are healthy habits to develop in order to prevent myself from becoming "burned out" in college?

I am extremely invested in my education and I am very passionate about academics as a whole. However, I am scared that I will put too much energy into my success during my freshman year and, consequently, not apply myself to my fullest potential throughout the rest of my undergraduate years....

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jan 16, 2018 745 views

How do you budget for college?

I don’t want to be eating ramen everyday or not eating at all. I don’t want to be a stereotypical broke college kid. #college #budgeting #financial-aid

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jan 16, 2018 876 views

What are some majors that can actually be used in career

I don’t want to choose a major that will eventually be useless to me in the future. #college #college-major #career-counseling #academic-advising

Neateshia’s Avatar
Neateshia Jan 16, 2018 894 views

I am not good at writing papers at all. What are some recommendations for me to be more successful and reasearching and constructing a good essay paper?

I am going back to school after 12 Years. English and writing have never been my strong areas. I want to do more than just pass this class, but also reasearch and construct successful work. If there is any tips, pointers, or advice that can be given. Please, I am all ears. #english #essay...

Neateshia’s Avatar
Neateshia Jan 16, 2018 950 views

I have chosen to go to school for Physical Therapy. I am wanting to know is there anyone else who has chosen this path, and if so was it hard obtaining a job once you graduated?

I am going back to school after 12 years of being out. I have heard good and bad things about this career choice, and I want to endure that I am not going to be graduating in a field where I will not be able to utalize my degree.
#physical-therapy #physical-therapist

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jan 14, 2018 898 views

In college, how important is living outside of home for a college experience?

Saving money is an important goal for college and a good way is to live at home. Many people say I am going to miss out on the best parts of college, advice? #college-advice

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jan 14, 2018 753 views

How can I be sure I will get a job in the Wildlife and Fisheries career path when the job outlook is quite small?

Majority of the scientist jobs in the Wildlife and Fisheries pathway and Parks and Recreation are taken and not well funded to expand. Should I be worried about getting a job with these majors? #parkranger #outdoors #zoology #wildlife #fishery #outdoor-recreation

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Sep 28, 2017 774 views

I want to be a Ford technician. What is the best school for that?

I am considering a couple schools but I am not sure whether it would be best to go to a technical school or a community college? Can you advise me please?

#Ford #automotive #automobile

Mary-Anna ’s Avatar
Mary-Anna Sep 01, 2017 939 views

Is it safe to become a teacher?

Becoming a #teacher is an option for me and I would like to explore all aspects of the career that I can before heading off to #college

Mary-Anna ’s Avatar
Mary-Anna Sep 01, 2017 1046 views

Is it wise to become a teacher?

I am considering becoming a teacher. #teacher #education #careerchoice #help #school

Leann’s Avatar
Leann Oct 22, 2016 1320 views

What is the day in the life of a radiologist?

I'm interested in studying to radiologist and I wonder how the career would be. Would it be repetitive or full of excitement like I imagined it would be? And if you enjoy your job. #doctor #medicine #radiology #radiologist #after-graduation

Blake’s Avatar
Blake May 25, 2016 893 views

Once settled into a job for multiple years what is the best way to ask for a raise if one has not already been given to you?

Just curious for further down the road #money #college-jobs

Blake’s Avatar
Blake May 25, 2016 2546 views

What would you say are the top 3 most important things to consider when choosing between job offers ?

Most people with my college major have more that one job offer when they graduate #college #college-jobs #workforce-planning

Blake’s Avatar
Blake May 25, 2016 1039 views

Once graduating college would your say it is more important to start working right away if you someday want to get a masters degree or just go back to school right after your undergrad and why?

Trying to decide whether or not to pursue my masters degree #college #career-paths #degree #masters

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