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Deerfield Beach, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
brian’s Avatar
brian 2 days ago 390 views

who is a doctor?

who is a doctor

KAISHA’s Avatar
KAISHA Jul 12 473 views

What are some career paths for a Associates or Bachelor's in Biochemistry ??

I have an idea of pursuing a STEM Major for my AA and im planing to pursue in this field.

Mercy’s Avatar
Mercy Jul 11 567 views

How can I start my own business with saving?

I want to start my own business with the savings that I have since middle school, so I wish to know how little can I start which will help me grow and open a better business in the future

SNB’s Avatar
SNB Jul 08 553 views

Do I need a "spike" in my interests for college applications?

I see a lot of advice that students should have a spike in their applications to demonstrate interests and clear focus/passion. If they want to go into computer science they should do mainly computer science related classes and extracurriculars. I want to go into biomedical engineering so I am...

Princess’s Avatar
Princess Jun 26 364 views

What are some art schools I can go to before college in miami ?

I’m in 8th grade and I want to go to art school for high school What are some good art schools I can go to before collage because I’m really into art and design

brianna’s Avatar
brianna Jun 24 525 views

Anesthesiologists, how did you earn money while being in school did you only start working while in residency? and if so what jobs were you able to apply for??

Im in grade 11, currently working towards getting my Associate's in Arts. I want to pursue my Bachelors in Science (Biology) then move onto med school.

Ninni’s Avatar
Ninni Jun 22 739 views

What is the best way to get my photography portfolio out there as a new photographer How do grow my clientele?

I want to start learning how to create a clientele after college. #Spring23

Reagan’s Avatar
Reagan Jun 21 425 views

How can i not be out of job any more?

Its related to my career as a digital marketer.

Carla’s Avatar
Carla Jun 20 377 views

What are the best ideas for internships for someone interested in marine biology?

I've heard internships are the best way to get your foot in the door when it comes to finding work after graduation. What internships do you recommend?

Grey’s Avatar
Grey Jun 18 330 views

What skill should I strengthen as a future graduate student to better accomplish my goals?

I am on track to graduate in May 2025 with a plan to pursue a Business degree with a Bachelor's in Psychology. Eager to begin this journey, I do not know what awaits me in this field. What preparations and expectations should I have for this degree.

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Jun 17 479 views

How can the education sector include topics or rather courses in highschool that teaches about financial planning?

I would love to get to know more about finance and be the best financial analyst and be the best financial planner. My favorite subjects include maths and business courses

Annie’s Avatar
Annie Jun 14 484 views

Does this course rigor look strong for college? How many dual enrollment course should I take, and what AP? For a science major.

I’m going to be a senior in High School, I have straight A’s and have taken honors classes since ninth grade. I’ve only taken AP language so far, and I think I will only take AP Human Geography next year. I will also take dual enrollment classes. How many dual enrollment classes should I take?...

Hund’s Avatar
Hund Jun 08 209 views

Why does it have to be so hard to get to your dream?

Am serious about that

Annie’s Avatar
Annie Jun 04 1062 views

What are the best schools in Florida for introverted students who study hard?

I want a school that has a pretty good reputation. I want good instructors and a school that is in a safe area.

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