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Frankfort, Maine

Within 40 mile radius
Maddison’s Avatar
Maddison Oct 20, 2023 368 views

Why is math hard?

What do I need to graduate to get a writers degree?

Brittney’s Avatar
Brittney Sep 29, 2023 414 views

What is the first steps to getting a job as a CNA?

I love helping people and I want to do it as career but I want to know how to get started and what I need for a skill set.

Mackenzie’s Avatar
Mackenzie Jul 29, 2023 350 views

how to apply to nursing school?

I want to go to an out of state nursing program and im not sure if i can because im a sophmore in highschool

Reighan’s Avatar
Reighan Dec 12, 2022 664 views

Looking for recommended electrical trade apprenticeship opportunities in Maine, USA

I've heard joining in the union was a great opportunity, but unfortunately i don't know any contractors in the union personally or how to get in as an apprentice or helper? Im already doing training at jobcorps in the HBI program, just need to find some work for when I graduate (expected mid to...

Reighan’s Avatar
Reighan Nov 19, 2022 813 views

Resume for Electrical Apprenticeship

How would I format a resume for an electrical apprenticeship? What will the foreman/hiring manager be looking for and how much time do they spend processing through candidates (like how long should it be so I can make a good impression)?

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jun 06, 2022 525 views

What would I have to do to become a Professional Car Photographer

I have always wanted to become a Professional Photographer.

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Feb 28, 2022 354 views

How do i start my own small engine repair shop.

I love working with small engines. #smallengines

katie’s Avatar
katie Oct 27, 2021 464 views

what do you like most about working as a mechanic?

#mechanical-engineering #mechanic I would love to have a women answer these so i know what it is like for a women.

katie’s Avatar
katie Oct 27, 2021 358 views

what is a typical day / week for a mechanic?

#mechanics #engineer

katie’s Avatar
katie Oct 27, 2021 390 views

what is the best way to get in contact with someone about mechanic jobs ?

i am not looking for one right now but i will be in a couple of years because i am going through training right now for that kind of stuff #career

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Sep 29, 2021 750 views

What kind of stuff can I learn from an automotive class?

I'd love to have my own #auto shop one day and I love sports #sports #engineer #automotive #mechanic #cars

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Aug 13, 2021 578 views

What would be the correct foot wear would be for mechanic work

I am going to be going into auto mechanic work soon #human-resources

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Aug 13, 2021 391 views

How do i start my own small engine repair shop

I love working with my hands and small engines are on of my favorite things to work on. #smallengines

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jul 28, 2021 603 views

How do i start my small engine shop

I want to start my own little small engine repair shop #smallengine #engine #repair #mechanic #small-business

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Jul 12, 2021 742 views

Is being a intelligence analyst for the FBI a good choice?

My name is Nick, I work with kali Linux and really enjoy ethical hacking and cyber defense and anything with computers from MDM bypass and iCloud lock bypass on iPhones. I'm really good with electronics and can learn fast. I'm wondering if this would be a good career choice based on pay and how...

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