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Miami, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Ethel’s Avatar
Ethel Mar 21 477 views

How i can be a successful ?

I want to make my parents pround.

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Mar 21 392 views

how want to be a doctor?

how want to be a doctor?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Mar 15 659 views

How to be doctor?

How to be doctor?

Diaz’s Avatar
Diaz Mar 15 385 views

How are doctors occupation ?

That was my childhood dream

Hill’s Avatar
Hill Mar 15 412 views

How want to be a farmer?

How want to be a farmer ?

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Mar 15 426 views

How want to be a teacher ?

How want to be a doctor?

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Mar 15 349 views

How to be a doctor?

How to be a doctor?

Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha Mar 13 628 views

What can I do to get my LPN license early and take online nursing classes while being in the 8th grade going on to 9th grade?

I really want to get my LPN license. I really need help with getting online classes so that way I can start early and work on to being a RN.

Stokes’s Avatar
Stokes Mar 04 746 views

Why are you want a teacher?

Why are you want a teacher?

Yuson’s Avatar
Yuson Mar 04 502 views

how do I go about with my accounting career?

where do I get jobs if I do accounting?

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Mar 02 871 views

Is there a way to get a specific job in the united states air force My recruiter told me i have to pick 10 jobas and whichever is available first is the one that i get. Is this true??

Im 19 with a 93 asvab score. im looking to become and EOD, and crypto or airborne linguist.

Anuv’s Avatar
Anuv Mar 01 445 views

How to i always stayed motivated ?

Motivation is the king

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Mar 01 456 views

How to i can achieve my goal ?

i am very much worried to make decision

Oliver’s Avatar
Oliver Feb 28 401 views

Why you are choose doctors occupation?

My dream was i wants to be a doctor.

Max’s Avatar
Max Feb 27 337 views

what is the best period for study?

also want to know how to develop?

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