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Morristown, Tennessee

Within 40 mile radius
Desirae’s Avatar
Desirae Mar 06 545 views

what are the best ways to prepare for an interview?

I am getting ready to be going into my senior year of high school and just moved to a different state. I have experience in babysitting.

Jaide’s Avatar
Jaide Nov 10, 2023 1027 views

What major should I do if I like sports?

I want to do sports management since I have done it since middle school.

De'Mya’s Avatar
De'Mya Sep 24, 2023 241 views

How would i do about this?

How long would i be in school if i did nursing school for 4 years and then went back to school to be a ultrasoundtech

gabby’s Avatar
gabby Sep 02, 2023 1477 views

what should i know about doing hair before going into beauty school for cosmetology

what am i supposed to know about doing hair before going into beauty school for cosmetology

Bryanna’s Avatar
Bryanna Jul 04, 2023 227 views

How to be successful as a college freshman?

What are some tips for a college freshmen?

carley’s Avatar
carley May 28, 2023 320 views

Early Childhood education ?

How do you prepare for college majoring in childhood education ? How can you manage your time wisely? How do you go about applying for childhood education jobs?

Laney’s Avatar
Laney Nov 10, 2021 429 views

What are some creative career paths

I feel like i am a creative person and i don't know what career I want long term. #college

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Mar 01, 2021 753 views

What classes after Intro to Psych would I need to take to major in Psychology?

High school junior; wanting to major in experimental psychology; might minor in music education #college-majors #majors

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Mar 01, 2021 406 views

Are there scholarships available for adopted children in the US?

#children #childcare

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 22, 2020 471 views

what do radiologists do and how is it different from other types of doctors? Is a radiologist a surgeon

#doctor #medicine #healthcare #medical #dentist

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 22, 2020 481 views

Are there different types of doctors and how much do they differ in what you have to study in college or after college

medicine doctor #medicine #doctor #healthcare #medical #premed

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 22, 2020 492 views

Are there any activities outside of class that you did in high school or college that helped you become a doctor or medicical professional

medical #medicine #medicine #doctor #college #medical #medical #medical-school

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 22, 2020 430 views

My science class is having us explore careers for an assignment. Do doctors actually use science like biology and chemistry and physics, or do you learn what you need to know in medical school?

#biology #doctor #medicine #medical #science #doctor #medicine #medical

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Apr 22, 2020 478 views

My science class says we have to find 3 careers in science. What are some careers in science, what do they do, and what do you study in high school and college to get hired in those jobs?

science #science #career

Roekwon’s Avatar
Roekwon Oct 29, 2019 536 views

What steps are recommended that I should the when entering this field?

#ford, #cars, #chevrolet, #dodge

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