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Ottawa, Illinois

Within 40 mile radius
tyler’s Avatar
tyler Dec 29, 2023 602 views

What should I know for elementary education major in college?

In my first year of college, any tips?

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Nov 06, 2023 204 views

how to improve my playing?

I want to improve my playing in diffrent styles of music

alex’s Avatar
alex Sep 19, 2023 114 views

why is school so hard for bigger girls?

why is it so hard adjusting back to school lately? i have been trying to get back into high school and its so rough nowadays everyones so meh to me now

ava’s Avatar
ava Aug 08, 2023 236 views

what can I do to help myself ?

I want to learn music production. I cannot afford to go to a music and wasn’t able to get into a music school because I am still a beginner. I have 4 fully produced songs but I still feel like I am lacking the knowledge and skills. I don’t have experience but I am looking for some guidance.

Stella’s Avatar
Stella Jul 10, 2023 168 views

How do you apply for financial aid in college?

Also, how do you decide on a major? Is a gap year a good decision, or can it negatively affect the first year of college?

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jun 28, 2023 230 views

What level of Collage should I be looking at?

-1380 SAT -5.88/5 GPA -All honors and AP classes -Streight A Student
I am unsure of what school I should be looking at. I want to major in Political Science. Any ideas?

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jun 28, 2023 295 views

How do you get a policy job in DC?

I want to major in Political Science, and I have been thinking about going to law school. However, I don't necessarily want to do law but instead I want to do policy. I don't really want to do state politics but instead I want to do national politics. So, who should I try to internship with or...

Cortnae’s Avatar
Cortnae Jun 12, 2023 176 views

How did you find your "Why" and when did you realise you did?

How did you find your 'Why', and when did you realise you did. Im currently a High school graduate planning to attend a four year University. I was never 100% percent sure what I wanted to major in because I wanted to do/experience everything. Adults always told me when you find something you...

centajah’s Avatar
centajah Jun 13, 2022 326 views

How long did it take for you to get were your at?

I asked this question because I would like to know the time frame that I took to get there

centajah’s Avatar
centajah Jun 13, 2022 446 views

To get your job placement, What did you have to do?

It would be helpful for me to know the difference steps it takes to get a job.

centajah’s Avatar
centajah Jun 13, 2022 734 views

What is your least and favorite part of your job?

I am asking this question because I would like to know what you look forward to and what you don't.

carly’s Avatar
carly Jan 04, 2022 747 views

What psychology related jobs are there that can work in the hospital and with children?

I am 16 and currently a junior in high school. I have always wanted to do something that involves kids, and mental health. I have been doing a lot of research on different jobs and I don't know what I should do. I would like to work as someone who advocates in mental health (preferably...

Akshar’s Avatar
Akshar Jul 18, 2020 438 views

Volunteering Opportunities

I like to volunteer Online, not sure how and where to start

Could you guide me #anyone

Jersey’s Avatar
Jersey Apr 06, 2020 1148 views

Is an associates degree in biology able to transfer into a physical therapy program at a university?

I’ll be starting at my local community college in the fall and want to make sure that I’m on the right path as to where to go after this. I plan on becoming a physical therapist and my dream would be to work with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility patients like myself, and other hypermobility...

justin’s Avatar
justin Feb 24, 2020 436 views

how much does brick lane start off at?

#money #design #entrepreneur

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