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Eve’s Avatar
Eve May 19, 2016 813 views

What are the benefits in getting a doctorate?

I want to get a Multidisciplinary degree in English Literature and Psycholgy. I was wondering whether I should get a doctorate or a masters. #psychology #degree #literature #doctorate

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota May 19, 2016 968 views

Is it possible for one to work as an Architect and an Architectural Engineer? I Know they're two incredibly different fields, but I am incredibly passionate about both and am curious if there is a way to actually participat ein both in the work force.

I am aiming for a BS in Architectural Engineering and Plan on getting a Masters in Architecture, to give myself a well-rounded education. I've heard from professors that it's fairly black and white between the two careers, however that might simply only be the case in America. Maybe other...

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa May 18, 2016 782 views

I've only been involved in 2 clubs throughout my 3 years in highschool should I join more?

I'm concerned, all my friends where in 5 clubs and I've only done 2. #colleges #senioritis

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa May 18, 2016 927 views

Should I fulfill myself with AP courses my senior year of highschool?

I've only taken 2 AP classes before hand senior, is it worth it? #college #high-school #transition

Idris ’s Avatar
Idris May 18, 2016 790 views

What does it takes to be a Medical practitioner

I have always wanted a career in the field of medicine, so I want to know what it takes to be a Medical practitioner #doctor #veterinary #optometrist

Idris ’s Avatar
Idris May 18, 2016 1315 views

What is the difference between high school life and college life

I will be graduating high school in June, and attending college in the fall. Therefore, I want to have an idea what it is like to be in college #college #teaching #teacher #counselor #college-student

Richard’s Avatar
Richard May 18, 2016 2152 views

Is it better to go in to Kinesiology / sports medicine or nursing?

I need to pick a topic / major for college (freshman year) #college #nursing #pre-med #physical-trainer

Madelyn’s Avatar
Madelyn May 18, 2016 690 views

If I want to research medicine, what should I major and minor in during college?

I have always figured it would be chemistry, but would any certain type (medicinal-chemistry, biochemistry, ect) or different subject be better? #science #research

Madelyn’s Avatar
Madelyn May 18, 2016 959 views

If I want to research medicine, should I major or minor in Chemistry, and what should I also study?

My plan has always been to major in Chemistry during college, but I wonder, if I want to create new vaccines and antibiotics, should I major in Chemistry or would another major be better? And say I do major in Chemistry, what should my minor be? Or vice versa? #medicine #research...

Yurely’s Avatar
Yurely May 16, 2016 1146 views

Besides obtaining a position as a teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching, what other opportunities are available with that degree?

I am currently enrolled at Lone Star College, working on my basics to obtain an Associate's of Arts Degree in Teaching. I will be transferring to University of Houston to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Teaching. I am certain that I want to be certified to work as a teacher in k-6 grade levels....

Trevion’s Avatar
Trevion May 15, 2016 1183 views

Is it difficult to complete a double major in college?

I'm asking this question because I plan on majoring in the agriculture field as well as education. #college

Nickolas’s Avatar
Nickolas May 13, 2016 990 views

Is College just like High School just with Adults

Is it fair to say that if you were popular in high school the same will be for college and vice versa? I have seen non social people shine and blossom when they come home college and also seen popular people struggle with their high school self. #college

Chimezirim’s Avatar
Chimezirim May 13, 2016 724 views

Can you become a surgeon in multiple areas? If so, would you have to take another 2 years for each area?

I intend on becoming a surgeon. More specifically a cardiovascular surgeon. Someone who focuses on injuries to the heart or heart defects. While I do have a strong passion for this I also think that it'd be fun to also do nueral surgery as well and I just need some information about the chances...

Chimezirim’s Avatar
Chimezirim May 13, 2016 751 views

How rigorous is the path to become a surgeon

When I grow up I want to become a surgeon and I don't want to lose interest in the beginning of that path because it's too hard. I'm willing to persevere and I'm sure I will but still; I'd rather know now so that I can prepare for it. #doctorate-degree

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail May 12, 2016 1210 views

What is something that you've learned as a engineer that you didn't learn in school?

Hi! I am Abigail, and a high school sophomore. I am looking into colleges that I can apply to, to major in engineering, because I think that is what I would like to be in the future. Although school teaches you a lot, there are some things best learned through experience. I'm wondering what are...

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