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Engineering involves the combination of science and math that lead to design or making something. Professionals in this field are typically called Engineers. For more information, please read below.

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Aakil A. 1 hour ago
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Nadia M. yesterday

What jobs can a person with a bachelor's degree in Bio-engineering expect? In what environment would they work?

I have always enjoyed biology and the idea of engineering a prosthetic for the human body is interesting to me. #engineering #biology...


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David J. yesterday

what could i do for creative job

i love to create new thing and build things #engineering #life...


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christian G. Sep 13

how many years take the career

i like getting the career of engineer in systems because i like computers #computer...


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Rory I. Sep 11

What advice can you give a technology student on finding a job after graduation and being successful long-term in the field?

I am new to the Information technology Field and I'm currently studying to be certified in CCNA and CompTIA A+. I just really want to be one of the best in this field despite being a new comer. Thank you! #technology #engineering #information-technology #computer #job-search #ccna #comptia...

#computer-engineer #computer-software

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Kenneth B. Sep 10

At what point did realize this company was the correct decision?

I am an Npower student looking to have a start in the technology. Always willing to learn and spread my knowledge to others. #computer-software #computer-software #technology #information-technology #college #career #engineering...


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Nolan C. Sep 09

What do you find to be enjoyable or enjoyable about the Hardware Engineering profession?

Do you find any joy out of your work and what causes it? Similarly, what if any reason does your work cause you discomfort? #computer...


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Nolan C. Sep 08

What is the typical day of work for a Hardware Engineer like?

I'm curious, what does the typical day of a hardware engineer look like? Is there a constant stream of work or is it inconsistent with a few breaks in between large projects, is designing and testing all they do or is the work schedule more varied than that? #computer-engineering #computer...


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Nolan C. Sep 08

How much potential for advancement is there in the Computer Hardware Engineering field? Where can I expect to start out and how can I make myself stand out?

So, what is the end goal for Computer Engineers, what does their career ladder look like in terms of what you're striving for later in your career. What can make you stand out from others in the industry in order to make those advancements up the career ladder? Where did you first enter into...

#computer-engineer #computer #engineering

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adelbai U. Sep 06

what are the required skills to be a successful automotive mechianic

I am eager to learn and always looking for more exciting challenges...


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Aaron M. Sep 06

What education would you recommend for computer engineering?

I'm from high school and want to know how many years of experience or education was required. #computer #engineering...


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Jordan R. Sep 06

What aspects of being an engineer do you find most challenging?

I’m a senior student at Brennan HS. I’m looking into engineering careers because I excel at math and science but have a creative streak that needs an outlet. #engineering #engineer #science #math #career #challengingwork...