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Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Jan 21, 2022 294 views

Should I be worried that I cannot perform up to the expectations of a job?

When I don't know something about the task that was given to me at my job, it's a good idea to ask a colleague. What happens if I really don't know much, to the point where I get fired from my job? #job #career

Raenisha’s Avatar
Raenisha Jan 27, 2022 244 views

How do you initiate grassroots efforts with little to no resources?

i am a human services social engagement and advocacy major and hope to start my own nonprofit organization one day. #scholarships #nonprofits

Rodrigo’s Avatar
Rodrigo Nov 08, 2021 293 views

Where can I get experience for a job?

Experience for me to show on applications. #first-job #career #job

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Oct 05, 2021 269 views

Have you always known what your career would be?

I am interested in knowing how people chose their careers. #career-choice #career-path #career

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Oct 07, 2021 198 views

What is something you did differently with your career?

#career #job

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Jul 27, 2021 300 views

How do I set a career gaol?

I need to set a career goal for my future. #career

Jo’lisa’s Avatar
Jo’lisa Aug 05, 2021 215 views

What’s the best career that involves talking and giving advice to help people

I want to get into talking out more and I also want to help people more is there a career for that? #career

Sakinah’s Avatar
Sakinah Jun 29, 2021 275 views

How can I find a career that suits my artistic skills?

#career #art #artist

Rodrick’s Avatar
Rodrick May 20, 2021 245 views

how hard is it to become an entrepreneuar?

I am a person who is always trying to make money but not work for someone, i want to be my own boss. #career

Neiko’s Avatar
Neiko Apr 15, 2021 322 views

Is there a certain age where you should find your career job?

I was wondering if there is a certain age where we must find a career job. Can you be around 35-40 when you choose to pursue a certain career? #jobs #career #career-choice

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Apr 14, 2021 218 views

What is the first indicator of what you want to do in life

I am a current senior in high school and going into college but I am only doing so as insurance or a backup because I know you can still have opportunities even without a degree. #career

Jaythean’s Avatar
Jaythean Feb 24, 2021 196 views

What specifically goes in the to day to day work schedule of someone who works in finances, someone like a financial manager or a accountant?

I am a junior in High School and was very interested in pursuing a career in finances and was wondering about the specifics that went into the jobs in that field #career #career-choice #high-school

Moshe’s Avatar
Moshe Mar 14, 2021 238 views

How can I get hired like a part-time student

#student #career #needtogethired

Allie’s Avatar
Allie Mar 14, 2021 392 views

What career paths are linked to zoology that would be available to me.

#career #zoology #animals #wildlife

Yolan’s Avatar
Yolan Mar 13, 2021 399 views

How do I get experience in scientific writing?

I’m currently in second year of my undergraduate degree in Theoretical Physics and want to purser a career in science journalism. But most organizations require me to either be doing journalism as a degree or to have had practice in publishing. So how can I get this experience other than with...