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Sophia Pagan

Commercial Property Manager
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San Francisco, California
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Lysette Oct 09, 2020 1150 views

What are some Careers you would suggest for me?

Hi my name is Lysette and I've been struggling in find a suitable career for myself, I have really been drawn to language learning, and travel, but I am very creative and I don't want to do a career that is too technical such as an interpreter, I would like to do something that Is creative,...

Tatiana’s Avatar
Tatiana Aug 24, 2018 531 views

How do I know what college is best for me ?

I have found there are many options out there and I’ve been having trouble figuring out my final choice. I feel as if I will only get one chance at this so it’s a bit overwhelming #student

Sharar’s Avatar
Sharar Jul 13, 2020 1425 views

I don't know what to pursue in, and I can't find motivation to find it either.

I don't feel motivated by anything to try and find out what I want to do. I thought I might've have wanted to go into the computer science field, but now I realized that it's not the direction I think I should go. So I don't know what I want to do now. #career #computer-science #career-choice...

James’s Avatar
James Jul 22, 2020 1370 views

What do I bring to a job interview?

#July2020 #interview #job #summer-jobs #jobs #first-job

Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Aug 01, 2018 1122 views

Which California university has the best nursing program?

I've read multiple articles but I want to hear from you guys :) #college #Nursingschool #BSN

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Sep 28, 2020 696 views

I am in the 12th grade and I am just beginning to explore my future career, what are some careers and helpful next steps I should consider based on my passions and interests?

What I really like is watching videos about cars and how people build their own cars. #career #mechanic #cars #teacher

Anil bhattarai’s Avatar
Anil bhattarai Sep 14, 2020 809 views

How do I get a job in TV program management?

#program #television #management