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Seema Kathuria

Fremont, California
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Elijah Jun 19, 2020 298 views

What is the best thing about being in IT security?


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Lee-Anne Jae May 19, 2016 834 views

How did you gain your connections for careers after you graduated?

I know the job market can be tough, so I just wanted to know how you secured connections to find good jobs after receiving your degree? #graduate #careers #job-market #connections

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Roland Jun 19, 2020 365 views

How do IT security people deal with cyber criminals ?


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Armando Dec 20, 2017 849 views

What are some jobs relevant to cyber security that I can acquire while attending graduate school ?

I'm in my first year of my cybersecurity graduate program and I want to obtain a part-time job working in roles related to cybersecurity. I'm wondering what kinds of positions I should be looking for that will allow me to obtain relevant experience. I would like something that will better...

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Dennis Oct 12, 2018 680 views

What classes will better prepare me for the emerging market of IT Security?

College courses or private course

#college #college-major #college-admissions #student #IT #Security #cyber #databreach #computer-engineering #writing