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Zion May 18, 2023 588 views

I want to be a data scientist, what skills do i need?

I want to be a data scientist, but I do not know what skills I need to learn or what majors I should take in college.

Miria’s Avatar
Miria Jun 27, 2023 263 views

How long does it take for a real estate business to take off i really want to start real estate after i graduate but im scared i wont make it no where ?

how long does it take for real estate business to takeoff? I really wanna do real estate, but I’m scared that I wont get no where.

Will’s Avatar
Will Feb 25, 2022 454 views

What other aspects are there to real estate?

I like to research topics that may help me in the future. I want to know more about everything.

cooper’s Avatar
cooper May 03, 2022 702 views

What are the tasks and responsibilities of the job?

I am interested in this job for a school project.

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Hope May 28, 2022 709 views

Computer Programmers

Would you recommend working in New York or New Jersey as a Computer Programmer?

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jun 09, 2022 1288 views

How much money did you invest in your career?

Was the amount of investment that you was worth it at the end?

Leonardo’s Avatar
Leonardo Jun 14, 2022 531 views

What are the benefits of working in construction?

i am starting technical training in facilities maintenance and would like more information

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Jun 17, 2022 417 views

1. What education or training did you need to acquire to reach the level that you are out and how is it relevant to your profession? 2.What are some of the toughest challenges you have faced in your profession and how did you work through them? 3.If there was one thing you could say to someone interested in your profession what would it be and why? Thank you in advance for your time. Sincerely, Hunter R

I am interested in becoming a Network system Administrator and my end goal is to work at Microsoft in the future.

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Kang Jun 21, 2022 1145 views

What does a day in the life of a data scientist look like?

Looking to potentially become a data scientist in the future.

Tabias’s Avatar
Tabias May 04, 2016 885 views

Buisness investor

What do i have to do to become investor #investor

fernanda’s Avatar
fernanda Apr 14, 2022 532 views

what are you looking for in a candidate?

what are some of the things you expect for the candidate to able to do .

laura’s Avatar
laura Apr 08, 2022 536 views

how hard was college?

was there ever a class that you just thought would be the end of you like it just made you want to drop out?

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Mar 18, 2021 632 views

Is being a computer programmer hard

i would like to know #tech

Kailun’s Avatar
Kailun Apr 04, 2022 1249 views

what are some things to prepare for an interview?

Wondering what are some things that I can prepare early for an interview, like a resume.

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina Apr 07, 2022 1065 views

How to politely end a virtual 1:1 meeting?

I attend my mentoring sessions or general talks with my coach and it sometimes gets awkward because I don't know how to end a meeting like I don't know how to signal that "I've asked all my questions and I have nothing more to ask". What do I say or do?